vibration upon acceleration

I searched through lots of threads and none of them helped out with the problem I’m having really. So maybe someone can help shed some light on a problem I’m having with the old teggy . Under acceleration and while under load between 2nd and 3rd the car shakes like mad, everything in the car shakes, windows rattle everything up till about 4000rpm then it smooths out. Replaced the cv axles with new axles too not remans, so I know thats not the problem. The car has a spoon lightweight flywheel and a stage 2 Exedy clutch, I’m wondering if it’s one of those two that’s causing the problem? Maybe someone on here has some insight on what else to look into.

recheck the axles, i have seen defective axles a million times. if that turns out to be N/A check your engine mounts, if they are soft they will allow the engine to shake due to rotational torque which is then transmitted to the suspension loading/unloading which shakes the hell out of the car. much like wheel hop.

another tip… i had this problem… i thought it was either the cv’s or axles… my axles are brand new so they are good and yes i also checked them… but i checked all my tires and found out my front rims werent seated on the hub right so when you take off the rim make sure you tighten in a X pattern… i tried this and it went away… good luck

How many miles are on that clutch/flywheel?
I was in just about the same boat as you, new Xtd stage 3 clutch and light flyweel, Replaced both axles, motor mounts were adressed, and lots of other things, with no result,
As The clutch broke in the chatter smoothed out more and more, 1200 on it now, and its really only there in second gear rolling starts and fast 3rd gear upshifts, and its much less pronouced, It feels like it may go away completely eventually, if not I’m down to misaligned clutch or differential bearing on the way out.

If your clutch is brand new some more mileage and a few hard slips may do it some good.

shit I never thought of that… also when my clutch engages when its cold it makes a quick whistling sound… also is it possible for my tires to be unbalanced?? sry to hijack

My 90 has the same problem and one of my friends told me its the rear trans mount but I don’t know. Just today on the I 5 in 5th gear cruzin if I give it throttle to pass it shakes to the point where it feels like an axel is going to pop

^Sounds like my car. The clutch is deffinatly broken in. If I stomp on it at about 3ooorpm where the vibration really starts it will vibrate all the way up to 8000. If I go easy through 3000-4000 where it vibrates the most/worst it smoothes out after 4k then I’m ok to step on it.

Did you replace the intermediate shaft when you did the axles?

No I did not replace the intermediate shaft.

Alright so things I’ve checked or fixed and are not the problem causing the vibration.
-Replaced CV axles
-Replaced spark plug wires
-Balanced tires
-Checked front bearings, all are good
-Checked motor mounts, visually look good and are tight

I don’t know what else to check. Everything seems to be fine. Only thing left to change is spark plugs and doubt they would that will fix the problem. Also with a light weight flywheel, when slowing down and you put the clutch in the rpms will drop real fast right? I mean mine drops so fast it drops to vibrating stalling point then bounces right back up and does this everytime you stop or shift to slow and let the rpms drop.

Ok one thing I was wrong on my description is that the vibration does not shake the steering wheel. Shakes everything else but the steering wheel doesn’t shake.

grab your axle where it plugs into the transmission and try to wiggle it. if there is a lot of play then your trans bearings could be going out. i think i’m having this problem right now.

oh and check your wheels, like have them balanced. i had a similar problem, lots of violent shaking/wobbling in 3-5th gear, 3k-5k rpm. i had 2 bent wheels.

Thats what I’m starting to possibly think it may be is a bent rim or something.

i got under and jacked my car up my car today and the pasenger axel is completely torn and out of grease so im going to change that axel probaly somtime this week, but i also think i have a bent rim too:werd:

Anybody know where I can get an OEM type clutch for my b16a gen1 with an S1 tranny? I still find it hard to believe that an exedy clutch that was done aug. 05 is already needing to be changed though. It doesn’t chatter on take off, there’s no problems shifting so I donno.

Bump, still need to know What kinda clutch is going to work with a JDM b16a and a S1 tranny?

i think the part number for the exedy stage 1 is 00088B i believe, but ive been cautioned against exedy stage 1 clutches, ive been advised to the competition stage 1.

my question is, what lightweight flywheel to go with on a stock/slightly modified teg(DC2)

exedy is what honda uses from the factory…:up:

besides, i know people who run those on turbo motors because they hold up great and are cheap. FYI exedy’s stage 1 is not a OE replacement. their stage 1 is a step above the OE replacement kit.

i’m not bitchin, just my $0.02.

mattster - did you get the vibration fixed?

Back from the dead. Matt, did you get your car fixed?

I’m having the same problems. Bad vibration from about 2500-3500 RPMs in 1st/2nd/3rd, less vibrations for me in 4th/5th gear.

I just replaced:
Tie rods inner and outer (OEM Honda)
Axles (Napa new)
Motor mounts (Innovative 60A urethane)

I’m at a loss. I guess I could try new axles again…

well the bent wheel wasnt the cause of my problems… it’s actually getting worse by the week. i ordered a brand new axle for my driver side, i’ll have it installed today.:clap: hopefully that will eliminate my wobble/vibration whatever you wanna call it. it feels like its comming from that side.

do you guys get this while decelerating too? i do just slightly. oh and last weekend i was doing some weak mountain runs (wobble limits my abilities, just havin some fun) and when i went hard into a downward right turn, i could hear a fast click/knock like a bad outer joint sounds. but when i turn slow in circles it doesnt click. :shrug: