WA regular meets??

Hey im just woudering if anyone in WA mostly seattle oly areas would be down for a bi monthly meet type deal. i know some of the toyota guys meet at sushi revolution in tacoma every other thursday. we could do something like that. im not really looking for mass amounts of people or anything just a handfull of people willing to hang out. anyways lets hear some ideas :wave:

I would be down when I get back into the states.

im down to do that.

i would be down for something like this. as i am sure seth (kuppa) and stevo (stevo-DA). if it is not too far south for me to go. :slight_smile:

well i mean depending on where everyone is coming from we could try to do something central to everyone

I am down. Anywhere from kent at the farthest north to dupont at the farthest south. I know of 2 sushi joints in the fedway area that are pretty nice. Could even do the revolution on the opposite weeks of the nissan guys. Also there is a all you can eat sushi spot out in the bonney lake area. Havent been there yet but my girl wants to take me out there and many of my friends have already been there numerous times.

well do we all want sushi? or should we go for something else? any ideas for those that arnt up for sushi?

I love sushi, eat it at least once a week. But i will anything. I think it would be best somewhere like a buffet/sushi where there is planty of space to sit down and accomadate alot of people.

ok thats a good idea. so next topic would be to set a time im thinking like twice a month or maybe once a month? 1st and 3rd week was my original idea

im down def!! Hey jay you back in WA yet? lol you never hit me up you gotta check out the updates on my DA lol think your gonna like it! as soon as i get one of my Tegs on the road i will be down for any meet


so i was talking to a buddy of mine and i threw out the idea of having a shop day. basicly i dont own a shop but his dad owns the pepsi plant out here in oly and maybe if a few of you guys down here in oly or those that are willing to drive can come down to the plant use the lift install something or just check out your cars and get it in the air you know or just talk and bs like we always do. free oil is available to lol they have an oil pit thing for oil changes like the ones at jiffy lube. its a big lot so people can fit, just pm me if you think you would be down to do something like that

I would be down for that too, but in all honesty, here on base we have a place with 12 various styles of lifts with literally every tool you can think and a welding booth and it only costs me around $6 an hour to use if I remember correctly. If anyone needs to work on their car I got a place to do also that is open 5 days a week. If you have to leave the car over night on a lift it costs $1.50.

But yeah just set up a date, twice a month works for me. Sometime right after the 1st and 15th, since that is when I get paid. Lulz.

Yeah stevo I am back, been back for around a month and half now. Unfortunately I am putting the teg on the back burner for at least a year if not 2. I got other things I am wanting next year, mostly a newer beamer or cts. I will check out the link when I get home and can actually see the pics, cause at work on the gov computers most pics wont come up.

I’m looking for other DA’s to meet with here in Washington. Are there any regular meets? Anyone like doughnuts? We could me at Krispy Kreme at the Tacoma mall. There’s a lot of different meets that get together there. Last weekend there were a group of really nice bugs. The Team Integra guys meet there from time to time.

i would go to KK but the cops usualy give everyone a hardtime cause thats usually a pre-meet for street racers and the cops break it up alot kinda why i stopped goin bad PR lol but im sure we could find another parkinglot or something to meet up at

Damn Jay you gotta hit me up so we can chill still got my number??

some good ideas being thrown out. but i think we should start thinkin time frame

hey I was wondering if anyone meets up in the vancouver area…I live in the dalles, Or…I have a couple friends down here that would be willing to go to a meet…

i believe there is an ef meet soon in vancover check honda-tech for updates

anyone down to go to bremerton raceway on the 20th or 21st its my bday on the 19th and i wanna run my da hopin to hit low 13s high 12s

Im down for sure to get a reg g2 meet FTMFW:werd::werd::werd::werd::rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:

im donw to go stevo ill watch my car isnt in prime condition to run but ill sure as hell roll up with you anyone else in?? it could be our first regular meet and then who ever is there we can decide the next spot post it up and see what people think?