Walbro "two-pump" system?


Is there any sense to make a Walbro “two-pump” system? What I mean is, I have already Walbro 255LPH In-tank pump in my gas tank, and now i ordered Bosch 1000cc injectors from Xenocron and took a Walbro Inline pump with the kit because I got it cheaper than normally as a “saving package”.

Would it be better to install the inline pump into the car along with the intank pump so that both of them are in use full time or should I just make some money with it and sell it away?

I know that in-tank pump only by itself will make the car last to about 600hp at least, but why I thought to make a “two-pump” system is reliability; if one of them fails under heavy acceleration, the other of them continues its working still and no damage will occur to the engine. I don´t know what happens if gas pump suddenly stops pumping, will I notice it before anything bad happens or not? I´m driving with Crome, I´m not sure is there a chance to make car stop running (shut down ignition for example) if fuel pressure suddenly goes near to zero?

Does any of you drive with two gas pumps running, or do you know anyone who does? And do you think is it worth it or not. Thanks!

it is a commonly used set up in high hp setups like 550+. I mean as far as a street set up goes if your not near that benchmark its not really a required thing but i don’t believe it would hurt as long as you can adjust the pressure.

keep it simple. if you don’t need it, forget it. the more stuff you put the more chances of failure just remember that. sell it and buy other useful stuff.