***warning*** Do Not Sell To Brian349

Hi guys,

A lot of you knew me on here when I was more active a year or two ago. I have since moved on and got a Lotus Elise which I’ve been happily modding and enjoying. One of the last items I sold from my Integra was the DPR B16A engine (block and head) and related accessories to Brian349 who was local as I was living in Providence at the time. Since he was a G2ICer, I figured I would cut him slack and let him make four payments of $300 each. This was a generous offer on my part and I really wanted him to put the engine to good use as it was sitting in my garage collecting dust.

Fast forward most of a year. I’ve gotten two of his $300 payments, and two more checks one of which bounced. Brian is under 18 and the checks were written by his dad. Brian blames the situation on his dad, but continues to buy stuff on G2IC and other websites without offering me a single cent for the motor that is currently installed and running (albeit not well) in his Integra. I am about to drop the hammer and begin the criminal process against his DAD on the grounds that since the checks were from his dad, the deal was with his dad, and the engine is currently STOLEN.

Brian, I’m sorry it had to come to this, but your conduct here has been plainly and clearly unacceptable, and it is an irrefutable FACT that you have stolen my engine. I believe I am within my rights to share this information with other sellers on this board so they don’t fall into a similar situation with you.

You can rectify this situation ASAP by either sending me $610 (including the $10 returned check fee), or removing the engine from your car, crating it, and shipping it to me in Toronto at my expense, giving up the $600 you already paid me. Otherwise, although I am currently overseas, I will be in the States on Saturday and will draft a registered letter to your dad to start the process. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, this is not a game and your dad is liable to go to JAIL. You have both committed a criminal offense.

Again I wish it didn’t have to come to this but what do you expect a person to do when you steal from him?

better pay up

One year…dam your a nice guy. People like this are assholes…all this over 600…pitifull…hope you get your money or the engine…


Shit man, sorry to hear it.

Brian is supposed to be at the meet this Sunday, maybe I’ll talk some sense into him.

How is your lotus by the way?

tbeesh, thanks, I appreciate it and hope he listens.

The Elise is awesome, I’m becoming a better driver and I’m going to do some Auto-X this summer. I installed a Larini exhaust with the Euro rear grill, and it sounds pretty mean too.

its too bad you had to bring this on g2ic. but i understand. i will have your 610 one week from today (friday). im not happy that you left me negitive feedback. i AM NOT sending a check. CASH ONLY. i said that from the begining but you said a check only. i want to hand you cash in person. that way nothing goes wrong. i hope u can make time to come down here or something. because handing cash to you in person is the only way i want to pay you. that way we both know its paid off. nothing is better than cash. or paypal. something secure. so just give me a call thursday or friday of next week. so we can set up when or how you want to do this. im not on the internet much. i dont have internet at my house anymore. i dont live at the same place i moved out and live on my own so that is one reason money is tight. so call me and we will settle this.

PS- i dont understand how i “stole your motor”. technically its half mine. the trader rating thing was kinda wrong. false infomation. hope everyone reads this i am not going to screw anyone. i AM NOT a theif.

its been a YEAR. if you can’t come up with a grand total of $1200 in the course of a year, you shouldn’t be buying motors from people on the internet. i’d do the same if i were in his shoes. the fact that you continued to buy things from other people on here before paying him off the rest of his money shows some irresponsibility because you were willing to buy other things without completing prior obligations. i’d hate to see how you fare on your own in the world. the fact that after all of that, you are now able to come up with the money within a week shows that you weren’t intending to pay it off until something was said to you. had he said nothing, he probably wouldn’t be receiving his money, would he? i’m not trying to piss in your pool so to speak, but from a seller standpoint, how would you view this exact scenario if YOU were the one being taken for granted on this sale? and for all intents and purposes, you did steal his engine. there is no “half yours, half mine” in business transactions. you can’t order a big mac meal from mcdonalds, give them half the money and say “just keep half the burger, fries, and drink. it’ll be half yours, half mine” if you agree to pay a certain amount for a product, take delivery of said product, and dont pay it off in full, you are in fact stealing it. you can’t get furniture from a department store, make one payment and expect to keep it forever. eventually, they’ll start demanding the rest of their money, or WILL come and reclaim THEIR furniture. pay him his money, or pay the consequences.

Very true!!! A friend of mine bought my 10" subs and didn’t have $100
to pay me up front so I was a nice guy and told him he can pay me $50
a week for two weeks. I even installed the system in his car for free. He did his first payment but couldn’t get his second payment but kept on buying other parts for his car. At the end, I told him that if he can’t pay the other half, why are you spending $250 on your tinted windows? So enough is enough. I asked him to let me take his car to the gas station and while I was there, I unplug the fuse that goes to the radio, the fuse that power the amps, disconnect the ground, and unplug the attena wire. He had no idea
what went wrong. I told him once he paid the balance, I will hooked it back up. The next day, I got my $50.

Don’t buy anthing else unles you paid the person you owe.

Brian, you know why I brought this situation to G2IC. You know how hard I have been trying to reach you, and you know you’ve been avoiding me. So yes, you understand.

You also have got to understand that I’m a busy individual, I don’t make it to Boston that often and even when I make that trip, Woonsocket is pretty out of the way. If I thought it was the only way, then yeah I would find a day to meet you in person maybe two weeks from now. But under the circumstances I think it would make a lot more sense for you to take your cash to a bank (any bank), ask for a certified check made out to me, and mail it to the address I gave you with delivery confirmation. It will cost a few extra bucks, but I don’t think it’s realistic to expect me to meet you in person when there are other options.

You can also send me a personal check, or even the cash if you want, but the risk will be yours if the check bounces or the cash disappears in the mail. I don’t want a dispute to arise in the unlikely event that the cash disappears in the mail. Again, there are other secure options besides meeting in person.

If you come through, I’ll ask Neil to withdraw the negative feedback.

I don’t want to debate semantics about you stealing my motor or anything. I just want my money.

Update: Brian is again refusing to return my calls. I have called him a few times in the past week. He promised to send a check to the US address I gave him, and then vanished. Thanks Brian.

first off you NEVER mail cash, get a certified money order, which you cash almost any where second of all its both the seller and the buyers fault, this should have been brought to attention when the first check bounced not a year later so hopefully this gets resolved

quartermileteg, I brought this to the attention of G2IC many months after this situation originally hit the fan. I don’t owe G2IC anything, I just recently thought to bring up the issue here. I am not relying on G2IC as my primary vehicle to collect from Brian.


I asked him how the situation went, because He just finished sending me money for my other header, and he said that its been taken care off.
He contacted me a few days ago as well asking when I should ship the header out too…

Maybe it’s still in the mail. If so, he should tell me so. Lack of communication is part of the reason this situation got to this point.

Yeah, he’s actively avoiding me. Please do not send him the header! :frowning:

Ok Brian, let’s do it this way. You ship me the cylinder head from that engine, and I drop this issue completely. Deal?

Update: When I call, Brian is now answering the phone and hanging up immediately. If anyone else from G2IC is willing to try to talk some sense into him, please let me know. Otherwise I’m going to have to file a theft report with the police in Woonsocket on Saturday.

What I’m really tempted to do is bring a flatbed truck and take his whole car.

What I’m really tempted to do is bring a flatbed truck and take his whole car.

Thats what I think you should do. If I lived closer I would help you. I own a flatbed. Good luck and I hope you get your money or motor back.

[QUOTE=TheOne;1697247]What I’m really tempted to do is bring a flatbed truck and take his whole car.

Thats what I think you should do. If I lived closer I would help you. I own a flatbed. Good luck and I hope you get your money or motor back.[/QUOTE]


Will do. I want this resolved as well. So I will ship the header out when I get word from you its paid off.