wastegate premature opening

What’s the term used for whan a wastegate starts to open before it reaches the psi rating for the sping?

I’ve been beating my brain trying to remember it…


c’mon now…somebody’s gotta know

boost creep

mmmm…don’t think so. Boost creep occurs after the wastegate is opened. If you can’t flow enough exhaust through the wastegate the boost begins to creep up slowly as RPMs rise and more exhaust gas goes into the turbo instead of being bypassed through the WG.

nobody knows the term huh?

fucked:D :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think there is a term aside from a soft spring.

Well, crack pressure is when your intake system reaches the pressure (boost) that begins to open the wastegate, which is usually half to a third of target boost. I opens later with a good boost controller, but I can’t think of the term either.

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i dont know the exact term, but here’s a smiley in its place: :gay:

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