wastegate problem?

ok when i drive normal i shift like 3grand or so and i get a lot of wastegate sound, my bov doesnt release til about 5grand or so when boost really builds anyone know why this might be? thanks

Are you confuseD ?? I guess i dont get what you mean by your bov doesnt go off till 5 grand… the bov should be releasing at anything above 0 psi once you let off the gas/ and or push in the clutch

Lol ok maybe I didn’t put that down right. Ok when I’m driving normal I shift like 3grand and get a lot of wastegate sound but I know its not my bov. I didn’t get that with my last kit I had on is this normal to get that much sound? I have a freind with a cheat set up and he doesn’t get it I guess you could say I am confused…

does it build any boost?

it does build boost, i tried a diff spring in my bov and i didnt get that sound it just all came from the bov but i was loosing boost cause my bov was stayin kinda open. it just sounds like a damn snake

it sounds to me like you are confusing BOV and waste gate… the waste gate should open well after boost builds to let the “waste” exhaust bypass the turbo so you don’t build too much boost and the BOV should open only when the gas pedal is let up… My BOV opens everytime I let off the gas even if there is no boost… that’s because it’s run off vacuum. You should hear sound out of the BOV at 0 + psi because the turbo has to equal the pressure to hit 0psi which means it’s still creating some sort of boost that needs to be released… so if you’re driving and don’t get to boost but are close to 0 or at it your BOV should still let off… your waste gate, depending on how much boost your running, should only open when your under a load and at the opted boost level…

I have my vacuum port open on my waste gate and the boost line connected to the turbo

I have my BOV connected to the intake manifold…

I could be wrong about you and you could be right on with what you’re describing, I’m just telling you what I think…

do you have an adustable bov and and where do you have the vacum line from the wastegate hooked to

wastegate is hooked up to the turbo, bov doesnt release until after vtec. even at low boost my wastegate sounds like a snake like 2psi and bov nothing, i am confused about how your bov works by realesing at no boost wouldnt that be a boost leak? and bov is not adjustable

to make it more clear its doin this, the “not good” part lol at 45-48 seconds

like i said… the turbo is making “boost” even below 0psi… your motor with no turbo runs vacuum all the time and might hit 0 at full throttle at high rpm… so to make positive boost numbers your turbo has to start making boost before 0 to make up for the negative pressure… the pressure needs to go somewhere right… thats y your BOV should open anytime you give it gas and let off… it only opens when you let off the gas so thats why there would be no boost leaks… the sudden spike in vacuum is what opens the BOV…
look at the opening of your BOV and rev up the motor at the throttle body and as soon as you let off you should see the BOV open…

for your waste gate problem… run the “BOOST” line for the waste gate to the turbo but leave the “VACUUM” line open… if this doesn’t work you might need a new diaphragm or even a new waste gate.

I dont think revving up the motor from the T-Body and watching the BOV will work. Unless you have an internal wastegate. You would need to have the motor “under load” for it to work

what your hearing is compressor surge. not the wastegate.

revving the engine from the throttle body will make the bov open and close.