Water Temp.

What is your idle water temp and your cruising on the highway at 70 or so water temp…just trying to see if my car is running a little hot. Reason I ask is I had to buy a cheapy autozone slim fan to fit in there after the turbo piping was routed. And yesterday it hit 190 at idle with the small fan churning out air. Thanks for your replys.

Check the polarity on the fan,
make sure it is sucking air from the outside and not the inside
Just a possibility

180 with just my fans for airflow
150 at speed

my problem with heat is the oil. I think it’s a problem all turbo Hondas have, people just don’t know about it because not a lot of people run oil temp gauges. My oil runs at 210 just cruising but gets over 240 when boosting or when driviing for long periods of time at engine speeds over 4krpm (5th gear on the freeway at around 80mph) I don’t have room for an oil cooler. I’m considering putting one in the passenger side fender well (like a CAI) and run some kind of vent from the outside of the bumper to get air flow through the cooler…