Weak frame points

im thinking of making some more braces.
what are some weak points that can help wheel hop,0-60 times, transfer more power. exc.

already have y-brace (based off pats), fender braces(based off pats), front fender support (again pats).

im going to make a duel brace for the rear strut to the rear frame
other than that what is there? im thinking maybe the old camaro style engine bay brace.

Please some inputs I wanna know too!


i’m also thinking of making a sub-frame brace.:read: if there is any reason why i shouldn’t, please place your input now.

i’m going to reinforce my struts today and possibly sending them off to powdercoats (give it the passwordJDM bronze powder coat)

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Do you have any pictures of your setup I realy want to see how it looks like and turn out like…

i’ll get them when im done.

Do you mean the front radiator support bar?

yea, i have the bar. its not in yet.

im not sure how well it will fit on the 93 bumper

who or what is this pats you speak of? id like to see these suspension pieces because i thought i had bought everything they made for this car already :). i guess i need to do some more :read: . either way let me know.

its not things you can buy :sad:
this is pat (well his car)


yea i did a little searching and found the thread about his car. i have that magazine i didnt even realize thats who it was. i didnt find a pic like this when i was searching im glad you posted it. any chance someone wants to produce some bars like that?

i doubt it, unless its one of us. (im trying to make one thats connected now)

maybe one of our sponsors would be interested in making the braces/struts

we have a welder at work that can do this for me. im gonna start working on a design for my car when the neuspeed strut bar gets here next week. jdmb16b did you ever get any fender braces fabbed?

yea, but i made them a little big, i have to redo one corner

u got aim? if not send me some pics of the fender braces. i wanna check them out. im gonna make my own too, but im trying to decide on materials right now. what did you use?

i’ll have to ask. my friend made them i just made the design
i think its just made from solid steel :ghetto:

i was reading on pats site and he said he had to modify the jspeed units and add another bracket to make to fit. i dont really know what he is talking about as i have not pulled the fenders off yet. i think im just gonna make some custom ones, tack them in my garage and have my professional welder finish them off. supposedly megan racing made some but one member on here said they didnt fit well. i saw this in your post about fender braces a year ago. i tried emailing him but got no response. im eager to know what happened to all these megan racing fender braces… seems like they could be modified easier than making a whole new apparatus. you know where i could find a set?

About Pat’s Teg Fender Brace, I think he used some Civic EF or EK one and modified them to fit on his DA

yea, he did. and thats why i made the customs is because not even the ones made for it fit right.

i’m trying to find a cheap torque damper.
i may just go with a spoon one though.

i saw posjrs thread where he posted the pic of whats wrong with the ebay braces… its really just an issue of the front two holes not lining up with the frame holes. that not remotely that big of a deal and would be about the easiest possible thing to fix. i think im gonna buy a set and try it.