Were to get parts for custom turbo setup

Ok well I no what you need for a custom turbo setup, But I wanted to no if somebody could give me a list of what parts they used and were they got them from and what they cost. I was thinking of a t3/t4 turbo. I mean some of the parts are obvious. But like were do u get i/c piping, intercooler, dp, ect… basically I need to no were should I get all the things that need to be custom?

ic piping and downpipe can be made by any local muffler shop that bends pipe as long as you give them a template of where to bend and stuff. Or, you can buy mandrel bends at jc whitney etc. and do it yourself. Intercoolers are pretty much universal, you can buy any front mount and make the pipe.

What about the couplings to connect the pipes together and the oil lines?

silicone couplers can be had from anywhere, www.turbotrix.com, turbonetics, uh… jc whitney and summit probobly sell them too. Oil lines I’m not so sure about. Maybe you can order them from Drag or FMAX seperately or something.

The best place to get oil lines is from a local performance shop. Just make sure they are silicone hoses-steel braided. The fittings are compression fitting and you will need about 4ft of line($3/ft here). Can be assemblesd in less than 5 mins. Alot better than paying $60 for a steel braided line from summit. Don’t forget your Return Line, make sure it’s tapped to the highest point of you oil pan and be sure it’s big enough to keep the oil circulating
DP and intercooler piping should be able to be fabricated from your local muffler shop. Like FORMZ said, it’s best if you can give them some sort of template/specs to work with, though.

Ok thanks, I dont have an integra but my friend does thats why im here. He is intrested in the f-max kit. Anybody have anything good/bad to say about it. What times have you gotten with it or expect from it? Also if he wants more hp what should he upgrade or buy. He’s looking for a some type of 12 sec time slip. I NO that it will take alot of sh!t and alot of tuning and practice. But after the kit and he wants more power what does he need?

PS: he is going to rebuild the bottom end so he can raise boost so what else can he do besides that?)

with your mods, what times are you running?

My best 1/4 mile time is 12.3@ 112mph with a 1.78 60’ time

But can anybody answer my questions . thanks:D

can’t answer your question, but that is a good timeslip…

if he wants more power after the boost, either raise the boost, or slap some juice on it.

With a sealed block and forged internals (provided the proper fuel and tuning) 12psi will be easy. Some good head work would be nice as well.

12.3@112? Sounds like someone needs some more traction :slight_smile:

My friend ran a 12.29@109.

Yea that time was basically untuned now that I have the dsmlink:p and a act 2600 I should see 11’s hopefully :drool:
Anyway yea he wants to see a mid 12 sec time slip. Do u no what kind of a result he should expect from the f-max kit? i told him around high 13’s is this a good guestamation? then after that i told him to build the bottom end and head. And raise the boost up to 18 or so and get a lsd. For tuning well the kit comes with a chip that gives all the fuel maps and stuff. Would this be enough or should he get a s-afc. with this you think he could see 12’s? or what else would he need?

best thing for 12’s reliably in a honda (especially a heavy one such as a 90-93 integra) would be some sort of aftermarket fuel injection which does not rely on a boost dependent fpr & check valves. combine this with a bolt-on kit like drag or revhard, larger injectors, & a 3" exhaust and 12’s should be doable, depending on how healthy your friends stock motor is.

as for parts, you can buy mandrel bends & make the piping/dp yourself. check around message boards such as honda-tech.com or classified like partstrader.com to look for deals. or another good source for parts is roadraceengineering.com. this site has bends, ic’s, stainless flex, etc…

Ok I guess he’s going to go with a f-max kit. He wants to build the engine tho so he can turn up the psi. What should he get when building his engine? pistons, rods i hear some say sleeve the engine? What would it cost for the stuff you mentioned for his build up? And for fuel manegment it comes with a mf2. Will this all ways adjust his a/f ratio even if he has boost up to like 18psi or will he also need some other type of fuel mangament? And last will his injectors hold up with the 2 extra ones they give you or should he get bigger ones to?thanks

Anybody??? I no these are newbie questions but ive searched but I cant find anything on it. Can someone hook up some answers. Atleast another newbie can find it in the search engine. Im apart of all the dsm sites no one can stand newbie q’s but I cant find it. so thanks!

i don’t really like the mf2. honda manifolds are not designed to evenly distribute fuel to each cylinder from before the throttle body.

depending on your friends funds, his turbo buildup should consist first of pistons, then rods, then dfi (accel, fast, haltech, autronic, zdyne, hondata, etc…), then sleeves.

any cash left over then work the head over with valvesprings then valves then intake manifold then port & polish.