West End Alignement (Article + Pics inside)


West End: (310) 808-9233

That’s why i love going to west end :up:

What was the cost???

Did you get the car corner weighed there?

When I went, I paid $180 for corner weighing and four wheel alignment. In my opinion, it was worth every penny, if not more.
When doing the corner weighing, Darrin was extremely precise. I went back and forth from the scales to the lift 7 times. On the 5th time, my corners were 4 lbs off. On the 6th, 2 lbs. Darrin said that was probably as close as he could get, then said “wait, let’s try one more time.” In the end I was 1 pound off in the corner weighing.
Next came the alignment which went pretty much as Armaans article shows. It was cool because Darrin first asked me what kind of driving I do in the car and then suggested the alignment specs that would suit my purposes best. The alignment and corner weighing was all done with me in the car.
Afterwards the car drove like never before. I would recommend his service to anyone who is serious about driving performance.

Great article Armaan.

Thanks Nino. I didn’t have my car corner weighted…yet. I decided to just align it (it was WAY out of spec). I’m shopping for a decent set of 16 inch wheels (TE37’s or FNO1R’s). I have a set of 50AA V700’s waiting in the wings. Once I get those puppies on, I’ll have my car corner weighted. Can’t wait, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the mod. Oh yeah, Darrin is SUPER PRECISE. The guy is pretty hardcore when it comes to making things “perfect”.

thats sweet armaan!
so corner weight and alignment was $180, what does just a standard alignment run? And do they charge a little extra if they have to adjust the camber kits?

looks like a great shop!

look’s good :up:

Thanks Speedaddy!

Colin, he adjusted toe and camber, both front and rear. He doesn’t charge extra to adjust camber/toe kits. Flat rate of $80! Smoking deal, if you ask me.

they dont have that where i live…

anyone gotten a les schwab allignment? $45 i think for the front, $80 for front and rear.

i get all my tires and stuff from les schwab… i got a tie rod end replaced there and its going out after 3 months, squeaking like a MOFO.

Originally posted by Armaan
[B]Thanks Speedaddy!

Colin, he adjusted toe and camber, both front and rear. He doesn’t charge extra to adjust camber/toe kits. Flat rate of $80! Smoking deal, if you ask me. [/B]

damn, thats a freakin steal man! Price isn’t much higher than at a generic shop, possibly the same, depending. And most places won’t adjust camber kits, or pay so much attention to detail or be careful with your stuff. thanks for the heads up armaan!

thats great news! for you cali guys! :frowning:

any idea on what the actual align. specs used were?


I agree with the computer alignment thing, they aren’t worth it at all. That’s all you find at chain shops.

Light beam alignment :up:
Pit alignment with SKILLed person :up:

where is West End located?

Torrance. Or did you want the exact address?

If you have it, that would be nice =) (ad & fone#)
If not I could just probably search the net?

The phone # is at the top of this thread: (310) 808-9233.
You can call there and get the address. Open M-F I think.

hey do you still have the printout? im wondering what kind of specs he suggested for you, and what did you ask for. and whats your setup tnx

You don’t get a print out. However, my setup is a couple notches down from a full fledged race setup. Give him a call, tell him what you want, and he’ll give you his feedback.

I got a printout when I was there. I also have a post-it that has the weight of each corner written on it. Unfortunately, I can’t find either of those.
Darrin gave me 4 options for my alignment:
1: Stock specs
2: In between 1 and 4, but closer to 1
3: In between 1 and 4, but closer to 4
4: Full race specs(track only trailered car)

He also asked me what I would be using the car for, which in my case is mostly autox with the occasional track day. Setting up the car for autox is a lot different than for road racing.

I chose the 3rd option and my settings ended up being -2 degrees of camber all around and a bit of toe out(I don’t remember the actual #).

If you know the settings you’d like to have, you could just tell him and he’ll align the car however you like, but for a rookie like me, it was nice to go to a place where I could just tell them what I would be doing with the car and they recommended how I should set it up.

i just recently went to Westend to get my SPC suspension peices installed as well as performance alignment and corner balance. great guy great service… can’t help but recommend him.