Wewt Nino!!!

Way to let Motonishi and McCormick have it at Fontana!!
:clap: :rockon:

Thanks Scott. It was a fun weekend and I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to the national event this weekend.

That sucks :down:

WHAT!!!.. I told you not to leave that rabbit at home nino!

Hahahaha. :rofl: I knew I forgot something. BTW, results are here. My class is STS and that’s on the 4th page.


Damn I need a D16a6 I wanna play too:)

What’s a D16A6?

88-91 Si motor. Are you still going to make the Seattle NT Nino? Oh yeah, how do you pronounce your last name?

I’d really like to make it up there for the nationals, but I’m taking 4 weeks of vacation in June and that’ll leave me pretty low on vacation days. If I can do it though, my plan is to go.
My last name is pronounced just how it’s written. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s something like fur-kah-neck.

“Sponser: I wish” :rofl:

good job. :up:

Thanks. That weekend was much better than the one that just passed. I suck. :frowning:

:hmm: what happened?

Who knows. Just had an off weekend I guess. I didn’t have one clean run on Sunday. Oh well, there’s always next time. :slight_smile:

Whats your suspension setup like Nino?

Tein SS Coilovers 500F/550R
I just had the alignment checked a few weeks ago but I’m not sure that I trust the readings:

FL: -3.7 FR: -3.5
RL: -2.0 RR: -2.3

FL: 4.0 FR: 3.4

FL: -1/32 FR: -1/16
RL: -1/32 RR: +1/8?

What about Sway bars and tires?

Sorry, didn’t know how much info you wanted.

Front Sway: Stock
Rear Sway: Progress
Front Strut Bar: Neuspeed
Rear Strut Bar: Ogle

Wheels: 16X7.5 SSR Comps
Tires: 215-45-16 Falken Azenis(really hope they have this size in the new model)

I’ve also got a set of 15X7 Slipstreams with Kumho MXs on them right now, but if the new Azenis are the tires to have this year, I’ll use those wheels for the 205-50-15s.

Falken is coming out with the 205/40/16 initially, then the 215/45/16 in Septemberish.

Me personally I’m buying either another set of used14" RT-215 Azenis for now, then whatever is proven good later. Or the 215/45/16 Hankook Z212’s now.

I wish I had some nice lightweight wheels. I’m rocking some 16x7 ASA wheels I got all four for 75 bucks.

The setup on mine is pretty similar, just with less camber and spring stiffness.

Nice. Yeah, I’m going to wait until other people test the new tires that are coming out before making the switch. There was a guy running the new Azenis at nationals this weekend. He seemed to like them a lot. I guess we’ll see what happens…