What car inspired you/got you into DA teg's??

Thought it would be kinda of interesting to see what cars inspire them or got them into wanting to build there teg’s on here, kinda jacked this from a honda tech thread, but still just wanted to see

Heres what made me want to start working on my car

This was the one that sealed the deal for me, “Towelie” Ray’s car:

honda tuning featured 92 GS-R


IC a pattern developing with these cars so far… :wink:

hahahah FUNNNY, lol.

I got inspired way back when i was 15 after seeing a friends car on brand new blitzs and running 13-14’s stock back in the 90’s that was fast for a street car.

this one did it for me

was at the time looking at getting a ef 4 door and a friend was into the db1 and he had been talking about getting one. i saw this pic in a 4 door fourm and loved the lines of the db1 and that was it. i was hooked.


I got my DA before I barely even knew what the internet was and grew up in a small ass po-dunk town. At my high school you were lucky to even have a car. Before I got my DA there was one kid who had a jasper green one, completely stock. The fact that people were modifying Hondas had barely even been noticed at that point.

I ended up getting my DA after months and months of searching, soon after that I found g2ic, and stumbled on J’s and Ray’s cars as well as Ron Bergenholz’s DA. Those were some of my major inspirations. Sorta funny cause partly due to coincidence and luck, but partly due to my having always loved the NRS/GRN I now basically own a Ray look-alike :slight_smile:

Another funny thing is that after I got my DA they got really popular at my school. I had at least 3 good friends who bought them as well as countless other people over the next couple years.

Rhda92 : Honda Integra Xsi

It was love at first sight bro!

i bought my integra as an inbetween car for this bad economical situation while my work slowly started to dwindle down. there really hasnt been any DAs that have awe inspired me though. if any, its Edik’s racecar once i got onto this site.

Haha a 98 civic with eletrical problems is the reason I traded it for my da my buddy needed a clean title and had just picked it up for 600 was gonna part it out so I traded and stumbled upon g2ic so now I’m stuck in the da world and love it it’s not a cookie cutter civic and this is a great community although there are a couple bad ass ones on here that have me dreaming of xsi ownership asap :wink:

[QUOTE=grobieone;2132664]this one did it for me

that issue is sitting in my da on the rear hatch dash thingy lol

to be honest with this i have wanted one since i saw that blue one on the fast and the furious!!! HA HA HA funny huh. then i saw this one sitting behind a shop by me so i went and looked at it and the guy that had it b4 me had slid into a curb and bent something. so i bought it hopping that is was the rear arm and i was in luck it was. i got it when i was 16 and still have it to day.

go i love these cars:rockon:

I always wanted an integra but i never knew that the g2 exsisted. I was looking for a car on cl and found a db1. i baught it and then i found this website. after seeing all the cars on here i realized how much better the g2 was then the g3. ever since i found this site ive been insipered to work on mine. now ive got a 91 db1 and a 92 da9

Oddly enough it was the Corolla GT-S non-rwd model that lead me to my first Integra! I was scouring craigslist for something more appealing than the Pontiac Bonneville I was first gifted with, ended up test driving a couple Integra’s and decided it was a way better fit than the GT-S Corolla I was originally looking for. Good decision :).

my friends 92 gs.

that shit was hot back in the day :rockon:

These 2 are my main inspirations… you will see how big of an effect these two had on my build…


and This guy… not sure who he is… but he is my Hiro :wink: lol

Man i love this tread. It all started back in 2001 when i started going to the street races on Fridays and Saturdays in Milwaukee,W.I. and it took place on 13th and bruce. It was a clear full proof almost half mile straight away and the real car lovers always came and back then the engine swaps were so uncommon that only 2 EG hatch and 1 Crx had swaps and they were broke from dropping 6 to 9 grand on there all motor set ups wit bolt on and still was running mid 14s and along came team speed, a integra based car club wit 8 teg members, 3 DA and 5 DBs and 1 EF hatch and the slowest car ran 15.4 due to all of the show it had. Well i meet this 1 DA owner from the club name orlando who ran high 13s wit it and i started meeting wit them every day after school and the love he put into the DA and the respect people had for tegs. lol everyone had a honda of sum short wit basic bolt ons driving around stupid and played them out to be jokes was sick and till to this day unless someone has a turbo set up they never disrespect the tegs for the fear of there cornering ability and braking power and the nature of DA being able to take in the backyard and play wit to make a 1 of a kind machine is love. lol and the greatest thing is to think is when slimeball from “true life- am a street racer part 2” blew away a 2001 integra type R wit so many bolt ons and independent trottle bodies he should have put down 250 plus to the wheels and to get smoke 2 out of 3 times by a DA wit bolt ons

i’ve been loving the early 90’s honda/acura since back in the days when rim and dropped springs alone used to turn alot of heads.

another reason why i like the integra is that parts or so cheaper than my wife freaken lexus. :rockon: