what do i need for rebuild?

well i plan on picking up a short block b18a/b and rebuilding it for turbo.

i want to run about 9 psi daily driven on 93 octane, so i’m wondering what type of setup you guys would recommend for me to get. also, when rebuilding the block, how much better are OEM gaskets than aftermarket? because i’ve heard stories about people spending… like $1,000 on all new gaskets.


I got Felpro gaskets when i rebuilt my B18A. They are a good gasket company thats been around for a very long time and has a great reputation. You can spend alot on gaskets, i think i spent over $200 for the head’s gaskets and a couple hundred more for the gaskets for the block. The good thing is u can usually get deals on them carparts.com and whatnot.