What Do I need?

Hi I’m kinda new to this site but what all do i need to boost my ls i know the rods and pistons but what else?

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rods and pistons can wait untill you start hitting serious numbers. the internals should be good up to 15lbs of boost, but depending on how many miles are on the motor and how it has been treated in its life. but if your gonna rebuild it anyway then do it.

to start i suggest and GT25 or GT28 garrett, internally wastegated. you will need a turbo manifold, any style will do to get you started. and you can run a piggyback fuel system (like a greddy) but will have to upgrade it to hit bigger numbers. i believe HONDATA has a ECU system capable of adjusting for boost. you will need a downpipe and i reccomend going with a cat-back exhaust.

on top of that, you need larger fuel ingectors, and high flow fuel pump. front mount intercooler. i reccomend getting a boost gauge, and a apexi AFC2 to fine tune the fuel setup. and the blowoff vavle is a good investment, get one from a quality company.

and last but not least remember this, do it right, or do it again.

It’s more appropriate to say that stock internals will be good to around 300whp. Saying 15psi really means nothing without know the turbo and how much it flows.

Anyways, he hit on just about everything you need. Check out the turbo guide at the top of the page. It has more than enough to make your head spin and get you started if you’re new to all of this. Then you can start asking more specifics from there once you have a good idea of what to do.

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I have 183 thousand miles on the car

first fix any leaks or visual problems if there are none or they are already fixed do a compression test you can find the specs in the helms manual or a chilton which you should already have if not go buy this tonight, then go to sears buy a compression tester and check all of your cylinders, if they check out, then proceed to build your turbo kit, if you fail the compression test i would go to the junkyard pull a longblock and start building that if this is your daily driver, if it isnt pull your motor and rebuild it, it really depends on your budget what you will rebuild it with though. god i feel like this is my 100000th time writing this paragraph.



screw a compression test, put the kit on, get tuned, then blow her up, THEN get built

Well run a compression and leak down test.hell if they are good id still get some low compression forged pistons or at least new rings.And just get your rods shotpeened to clear them of stress and replace bearings and since the bottom is out take it and get your rotating asembly balanced.

exactly, regardless of what the tests say usually they do turbo anyways, just an excuse to waste time, if it runs fine than in cant be that bad

if you had any patience maybe you would understand that it is more of a hassle to have to take your DAILY DRIVER off the road to rebuild the engine when it blows up at the worst possible time, rather than do the smart thing and buy a used longblock and build that and at YOUR convience drop that in i dont know maybe because i have been down this road before i understand, take a piece of advice wht_teg it sucks to blow up your only car and considering you have almost 200k on the motor common sense says it would be a good idea not to boost that motor, build a new one and when u drop that in now you have an emergency back up that can get u up and running instead of having to SCRAMBLE.

Word to that, u need a backup plan, heck u could blow her up testing ur turbo the first run to see if it works…u know the rice runs when u get it installed and want to test it out :wink: