What has broken on your G2 today?

Okay, so there’s a bunch of “what have you done to your car” or “you know you drive a g2 when” and what not… but idk about you guys i own 2 Da9’s and my blue one(92 boosted) i take care of like its my religon, still manages to find crap to brake all the time lol, and my black one… well lets just say i needed a “nice” winter car so i got this one for 1 buck that has 343XXX KM on it, burns lots of oil(.5L every 1500km) but still runs great, get about 700km a tank(highway going 120Km/H).

So, as much as we love our cars and nomatter how sweet they are, they allways find a way to keep our attention to fixing me.

Ill start.

(1991 acura Integra GS)…winter car…
My car suddenly decided to start reving up and down a little, and it decides what rpm to idle at sometimes it’s a 750, other times it’s at 1300. i dont really care. as long as it get’s me to work and back it’s all good lol i would take the time to bring it in my shop and do that diag…but i just dont care enough

(1992 Acura integra LS-T)
so my car has been parked for the past few months b/c it’s way to low to drive in the snow and i wanna get some bodywork done. But i went to visit my car and to my suprize when i took it for a bomb to wake it up from it’s sleep…i was dissapointed… tranny makin noise…axles click, and tones of smoke from the exhaust…OH and an oil leak…so now i need to fix more crap on it…if i have money and time…

anyways, so that’s what i found out what’s wrong with my cars in the last coule days…
more to come for sure…at least in my 91.

what has your integra told you to fix today?

lets hear it :slight_smile:

my headlights blew the fuk up when i hit 8500 the other day :frowning: (B16) and it was dark when it happened lol same thing happened to my best friend (B18c)

its not what has broken today…its what has broken in the past while…lets see…wheel bearings, burnt exhaust valve, rotted muffler, brakes all around, p/s line, a/c compressor…list goes on…i’m in the process of fixing everything $$$$$ and getting some goodies for it as well…if it wasnt a GS-R I woulda thrown it away

My alarm died on the way home tonight. That was fun.


the wiring!my dash lights don’t work and random chimes go off.

head gasket is going :bang:

head gasket…last week was a transmission( blown Differential bearings ruined my tranny case)

Speedo decides to not work after a while, because i’m missing that c-clip that holds the cable to the tranny. My axle is clicking away haha.

The car… engine…tranny…exhaust…brakes…camber…tires…radiator…ignintion coil…current tranny problem…suspended license for a year…alternator…this car is the devil :argh:

Changed my rear hubs.
Still need to find a new §§§§§ and go pick up my speedohealer so my speedo will work in the S2000 cluster. That’s a long story if anyone is gonna ask.

well not today, but I spun a bearing in my DA recently. Picking up a used shortblock this weekend to remedy that issue. I heard a "clik: from my axle yesterday too…

motor mounts and the Frikin d.side door will not cooperate on any level for me. If it isnt the speaker blowing, its the door clips holding the rods breaking and not letting me out, to the door not shutting properly. I’ve had the inner panel off more than on in the past few months.

i somehow doubt that would be the car’s fault…

I was going to say the same thing.

My power steering is leaking. Hopefully it’s just seal problem.:read:

Blower stopped working on the 1st and 2nd setting…only the 3rd and 4th ones work…fuckn sux

throwout bearing is blown so its tough to shift and get into gear. Warped drivers side front rotor, so the car shakes and rattles when I brake.
Fuckin’ money pits, these cars are. $4300 later and she’s still fucking up.

head gasket…



like it or not…more to come… lol.

Money pit yes but for some reason here we are still putting money imnto them lol I now have a new knocking noise comming from the front over some pretty nasty bumps… And the rubber bushings somewhere in the front end are also makin some pretty…original noises lol w/e ill just keep on driving until she runs no more.