what kinda mileage is everyone getting?

Just wondering how many miles per gallon everyone is getting… i think im averaging like 22mpg. i notice that when i switch between different octanes i get really bad mpg.

usually between 20 and 24. mostly around town.

between 22-30 depending on whether its around town or on the freeway, and how heavy my foot is.

After the install of my MSD ignition, I am now getting 280 miles to a full tank. I am very happy considereing before the ignition I was getting 220 to a tank.

Wow… I wish I was gettin that…I get around 10 mpg…i gotta put gas in the tank every night

Originally posted by 91integracer
Wow… I wish I was gettin that…I get around 10 mpg…i gotta put gas in the tank every night

That’s insane, I’d get that checked out if you’re not exadurating!

260 miles per tank. Hopefully that gets better when I get a new clutch, spark plugs, and wires. You think that will help at all? My clutch is at the very top and i gotta give it extra gas to get it goin in first.

29-31 mpg

My record high mileage on one tank is 408 miles!

I’m getting about 20-22 city and 27-30 highway. Not bad considering the 270cc injectors and 44psi fuel pressure :D.

I get around 250-280 miles per tank. I guess mine’s average.

That kinda of milage for all you guys seems kinda low :confused:
I get an easy 550km (312mi) a tank… and that’s on 91 octane. And I have your basic mods: i/h/e.

Hrmm… maybe Canadian Integras are different for US ones?

I average about 300 miles per tank. My all time high was 380 @ 33.181 mpg. Pretty awsome I think. Before when I didn’t cahnge my 02 sensor I was only getting about 250-280 miles per tank. I jot down all my gas mileage activity on my pda and it says my average is 28.084mpg.

33.181, 25.530, 30.208, 29.115, 28.402, 25.710, 27.851, 26.168, 27.662, 28.965, 23.948 mpg are my ones that I have kept track of. Pretty nice numbers I suppose. I have basic bolt on IHE, pulleys, wires, s.plugs, accell ignition and thats it on my 4 dr RS.

I’ve noticed that if you baby it, you’ll get 32+ mpg; but if you really drive it hard it could get down to 24/ 25 without any further mods. I have a feeling that most people here have a lot of fun driving their cars.:slight_smile:

240 a tank @town need wires and 02 record 290 highway probably could have had more but next g station was like 30 miles away.

I usually get 500 kms or so on a full tank, 89 octane. Best I have gotten was 600kms, on a long freeway trip … prolly could have been a bit more, but i did not want to test it in the boonies … :wink:

You guys/gals might want to download CarCare 2000. I use it and it’s great. It tracks your mileage, maintenance, repair costs, etc. Based on that, my best mileage was 6.15 litres per 100km. using 94 octane all highway. My worst was city driving 10.0 litres per 100km. using 87 octane.



i get about 240 miles per tank :(… i think i need a new o2 sensor…

I get approx. 450-475km average. If I drive hard, usually closer to 400Km and the best I got was probably around 550km to a tank. (94octane)

geez either u guys got VERY heavy foot, or there’s something wrong with ur car.
on the average i get about 280 - 300 miles on a tank of gas and thats town driving…
about 3 weeks ago i went on a trip to Spokane, WA, i got 380 miles on that tank of gas. normally i get about 340 -350 miles on a tank of gas driving highway. and i normally cruise on the freeway at 80 mph.

oh yeah, i got 147k miles on the car, and i normally run 87 octane gas.

i get 240 :confused: :confused: tat’s so freaking low for a auto, and i drive so freaking slow dammit