what need to be done?

i read the rules topic but i could not find what i was looing for, so i’m, sorry if it is there, but i’m just new learning about turbos and i have some questions,

i have most of a turbo from a rx-7(i belive it was ) i just want to know how to set it up what need to be modifyed , what the least expencive way. if the answer is in the forms somewhere that i did not see, can you just post the link and try not to make me look to dumb. thank you

turbos are a universal part. the same ruules apply when applying a DSM turbo or an RX7 turbo or a Porsche, VW, Saab… WHATEVER.

I think it’s the manifold, and piping that are the ones you have to look for to hook-up your car.