What struts are recommended?

ok i have arospeed lowering springs with a 2.5 inch drop in the front and 2.0 inch drop in the rear with stock struts. i wanna know what struts you guys recommend for this drop. keep in mind that im on a budget. :sad:

budget = KYB GR-2’s

Personally, I wouldn’t even bother with the GR-2’s with a drop like that. You’re just going to end up replacing them in anywhere from a few months to a couple years. KYB AGX’s or Tokico Illuminas will be cheaper in the long run, IMO.

well to tell you guys the truth i only plan on keepin the car for a short period of time. i plan to find another g2 or FC within the next 6 months. so whatever will last that long is fine by me. and i only need the fronts at the moment cause they are completely gone, and driving around LA streets with shot struts hurts the car and my ars.

any help? need to get sum good struts for a good price. only buying new struts. need to know the best strut for my drop.

go koni yellow or dont drop it that far… blues/agx’s warranty voids over 1.5 inches… and for good reason

if you just need fronts i can sell you a brand new pair of kyb agx. you can email me if your intrested gtrfkjdg@yahoo.com

Some Illuminas might work, or are those not too great for a ~2’’ drop?

well as stated above the car is already dropped that low i just need the struts to go with the drop. so far we have:

koni yellows
tokiko blues
kyb agx
and the illuminas

are there anymore or any input anybody may have on these struts? and sorry but im just gonna buy them from one of my local shops.

I have illuminas with more than a 2 inch drop and they’ve held up for over a year now. But I have to ask, if you’re planning to get rid of this car in less than 6 months why bother modding it? It’s not going to increase its value when you sell, that’s for sure.

blues will blow if lower then 1.5

I have shot struts and i live in LA CA. the streets are rough and im riding pretty much on springs. i need struts that will hold up for a min of 6 months. i dont wanna waste money.

ok it seems that the KYB AGX and Illuminas are the two left. anybody using either one with atleast a 2’’ drop? how is it? do they ride nice? remember guys i live where there are some rough roads.


What he said

if you’re only keeping it for 6 months, the kyb gr2’s are your answer, imo.

i need them to last a minimum of 6 months tho just in case i cant find another car by then. will those last? i dnt wanna waste money and time if they’re gonna blow soon.

On my 93Integra, I have Skunk2 Coilovers DUMPED on 16inch 205/50/16 about 2 inches front and 2.25 in the rear. I am running on Tokico blues, had them now for about 2 years, The recent setup I had were Eibach Springs. 1.50 front and 1.75 rear. Shocks still feel new. The only difference is the Springs I put on them. If you get the tokico blues, you will be fine, anything above those shocks will be even better. Once I get my digi cam, Ill upload some pics. Also, if you are going as a daily driver, the blues will do fine, unless you are gonna try canyon running or ect . HTH. :slight_smile:

well guys change of plans…i have to keep the car. im starting school in October so i will not beable to work since its full time and keeping the car would be best. so they must last. i was thinking about the KYB AGX’s until this thread. unsure now. :shrug:

The correct way of choosing shocks/dampeners, is to match the spring’s compression rate to the shock’s rebound rate. What are the pounds per inch or lbs per foot of the springs that you are going to use?

If the compression rate of the spring is too high for the shock, the rebound resistance (which the shock exerts on the spring), will be overrun, and the spring will shoot the chassis back up too fast. (Hence the pogo effect of cars that are lowered with race springs, on stock shocks.)

If the rebound rate of the shock is too high (causing the spring to extend too slowly, while taveling back up to ride height), the chassis will continually droop lower and lower while going over a bumpy road, thus decreasing valuable suspension bump travel.

The reason why the Tokico Illumina shocks, KYB AGX, and Koni Yellow shocks are adjustable, is to tune for higher, or lower rebound rates. (As in varying the amount of resistance the shock exerts back on the spring, as it absorbs the springs’ rebound force.)

In your case, if you’re looking to just commute with your car, and don’t care about handling performance, go to Pep Boys and pick up replacement OEMs’.
If you are looking to have your car perform well, first find the spring rate of the springs you’re using. Next, match a dampener/shock to that spring rate, which will offer a slightly less than equal (but opposite) rebound resistance.

I hope this helps. And let me know if any of this is unclear.