what to expect from a .42ar .48 turbo on lsv

i have a ls vtec motor that is DD i wanted to trow a .42 ar .48 hot side turbo
i just want to know what to expect from this lil turbo hp wise spool wise ect.
block is a stock b18a1
head is a stock b17
ls tranny
dsm 450cc injectors
for tunning i would be using a s300
i just want something to drive to work and to have a lil fun 2
i also have another lsv-t that im building so im not to worried about abusing the lil motor but would like to know what to expect :hyper:

Bro you must me high, just kidding. But expect instant boost and then none after 6k, I guess. Something like that.

Compressor/turbine specs will help us out a ton. What exact turbo is it and how much boost are you going to run? You’ll probably max out those injectors before you start choking out that turbo.

But most likely you are talking about a small frame T3, lots of tire spin if you have shitty tires. I prefer a hard hitting fast spooling turbo on anything I drive.

related question to this… what would be great small turbo for daily driven car… HP goal about 200 - 250 hp on stock motor

You’ll lose boost in the higher rpms. I would recommend a .63