what turbo do i have??

can anyone tell me what this turbo is off of? Apparently its supposed to be a t3/t4. There is a tag on the compressor side but it doesnt seem to tell much except that it was remanufactured. I can get more pics if it helps. Thanks in advance

looks like a t3 .42/.48 off a volvo

it’s a self lubricating jdm t156 turbo of course… looks like everything is broken…
buy a new one…


how’s it going buddy, hope someone can confirm the turbo :slight_smile:

thanks TeggeT, can anyone else confirm this?? and how much horsepower can this thing handle. I have a T3 42/48 AiResearch off a SAAB, which one is a more efficient turbo? or are they both basically the same?

Also does anyone know what type of exhaust flange this turbo has? Doesnt look like the regular t3 to me. I need to figure out how to bolt that to a manifold. Thanks

I am pertty sure its a Volvo T3 too. The turbo inlet flange looks like a Volvo or benz type flange, they use a ring that seals it. I don’t think they sell them so your going to have to make one or get one made to fabricate a manifold for it. I would just buy another turbo like T3/T4.

okay thanks for the replies

if you really wanted to use it i think you could have that flange resurfaced completely flat and use a standard t3 flange.

Yeah, i was thinking about doing that too. Not really sure what kind of place would do machining like that for me. Any suggestions?