What type of turbo?

I am going to turbo my B18a. I will NOT be upgrading the engine itself. It will remain stock aside from all gaskets will be replaced. I want full spool as quickly as possible (doesn’t everyone) running 7-8 psi. I figure since I will not be upgrading anything right away because I won’t be pushing to car too hard and I don’t mind replacing the engine since it IS getting old, but what I want to know is which size turbine and housing would spool the quickest to help me reach my humble goal of 200-215hp and won’t run out of breathe until ~6700 rpms (red line on LS).

I was thinking a T25 turbo off an SR20DET motor or maybe a turbo off the original Probe GT turbo car. Any suggestions for junkyard turbos? I AM having the turbo rebuilt no matter what so I just need to nkow what turbo to get.

Thanks for any and all suggestions. Negative response are unappreciated as always. I have read almost all the posts in this forced induction board and have come to the conclusion that this post is fairly unique and warranted. Specifics as in AR or trim level suggestion for the running out of breathe problem before 6500RPM are also welcome.

Thanks again…