what wheels are these

plz som1 tell me what wheels these are…http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg86/AHWagner/1188873132_8766914dfe_o.jpg

xxr 002 … you can buy them on ebay for about 350 shipped

think those are 15’s

also what tires do you think those are…

do u have to copy it to the letter? its ur choice of whether u want 15’s or 16s. u have to take into consideration what tire to put on to go with the wheel… cuz if u dont it’ll affect ur speedometer accuracy.

the only thing that will fit:

15’s = 195/45/15

16’s = 195/45/16 or 195/40/16


dont even begin to think anything else will fit … even with those sizes, roling/pulling the bejesus out of your fenders/ 5+ degrees camber.
plus DA is the only honda that will work, and you can only run them for show. no driving around on them . if you really want xxr’s you need the 501’s in 16"

I think 15’s will be good!!! i really like the wheel and they will be put on my teg or daily driving…why do you say there just for show…just curious…

for a teg you will want 16’s … for the look you are going for you would have to lay the frame on the ground with 15s

i had the 501’s in et15 and even those sucked for daily driving. et0 will rub … very badly. even after you roll and pull your fenders paper thin


neo gens dont come in a 45/15

those are 16’s

so the 16’s will be better for daily driving…i dont want them to rub really…i have koni adjustables ill have to see what height will be good!!

then dont get these wheels

oh geez not another one.

please don’t get those ridiculous wheels. love your suspension don’t punish it. it keeps you safe.

love the look though…any other wheels out there that are similar that wont give me so many problems

looks… many many low offset wheels look great. but they will put a lot of stress on suspension parts. mainly ur ball joints… puts the stress (weight of the vehicle) on a much farther point. ur legs work best when u keep ur legs under u. if u do the splits… that puts a whole lot of stress on ur legs… and possibly ur nuts.

the 501s are slightly less impractical

ideally i wouldnt go lower than a et25 in a 16x8 tho

keep looking around


the suspension, wheels, and tires are your contact with the ground. they help you steer, control the weight of the car, and that’s a big safety issue.

yes… looks can be achieved with other routes as well. those wheels aren’t going to get u more PU**Y if u are a fugly guy and a retard.

get some different wheels and stop trying to be a poser with them wheels or any other wheels that have such a low offset.

who said anything about getting P***y with these wheels and being a poser?..really all i asked for was advice and all im getting is negative comments…i like the wheels and got the answer i needed i guess…i guess ill do my own thing and see how it goes…thanks to the positive users!

Why ask for advice if you don’t want to listen to them?

They look good, yes, but everyone and there Mom here said that it’s not pratical and may even be dangerous if not used propely.

End of story.

Thing is, if you really want those wheels…it’s surely not for Time Attack or Racing, it’s for look, hence the poser things.

Ok, I’m off