What wouldn't you use?

I was wondering what aftermarket parts that you used on a NA motor that you wouldn’t want to use on a turbocharged car? For example, Fritz (supersmart moderator guy from purehonda) told me not to use aftermarket cams with a turbo because the longer lift will cause more overlap and hurt an FI setup. So he suggested a CTR exhaust cam which will flow more on the exhaust side and keep overlap down. So since cams seem to be inherently bad…what else would I not want to use with a turbocharged setup that I use in my NA car? Like unorthodox underdrive pulleys for example…would these help in a FI car or no? Thanks LocalePED

There are successful turbo setups that use CTR and ITR cams, the issue is effective tuning. Cam gears are what will remedy this. But, these are usually exception to the rules, he’s right, though. You should avoid using these cams whenever necessary, for the same reasons you mentioned.
The most important factor in a powerful NA engine is COMPRESSION. HIGH compression engines are a no no if you want a long and successful turbo engine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m boostin on 10:2 c/r, but my boost levels have to stay very moderate(under 10 psi on pump gas) BUT this was my plan from the get go, stock internal 260-280 hp car-Rather Ho…Hum by today’s standards:bored:
Obvious parts like Header(replaced by exhaust manifold), and maybe CAI(although it could be modified to still work) are out. That’s really about it. Just understand the dynamics of tuning a successful NA engine by throwing a Turbo on are possible, but really really limited in horsepower potential(since your limited in the amount of boost you can run without the chance of detonation)

that helps quite a bit, thanks rob. Rob, what is your et with the amount of hp your making? Also, I am going to get a Hondata Stage 2B, and was wondering…since its such an exceptional program could I run 12psi out of a rebuilt B16A with the same cr? or would that still be pushing it. I’m sure the answer is pushing it, but I’m just curious. Thanks again, Mark

you’ll need a bigger pipe for your exhaust for turbo too, so either buy more than you need now (2.5 - 3") or wait until you’re boostin’ to buy an exhaust.