whats need for uber and turboedit??

ok ive done a little research but want to make sure that im understanding all this right. Ok just bought a 91 da with the b18a1 in it. Im about to take it out and swap in the b18b from japan. So therefore i need to swap the old distributor and the injectors out. ok then. It will be turboed soon and I wanted to use uberdata or turboedit. But in order to do so I need to I need the obd0-obd1 harness and a chipped p75 ecu. with all of this i will need the 3bar map sensor so I can tune the da for 12 psi. Correct me if im wrong but from the research ive been doing is this pretty much correct.

B18B from, JAPAN?

hummm… JDM B18B?? only difference is the cam and intake manifold.

If you r running 12psi, you only need a 2 bar map sensor (good for 14.5psi) which is $29 from auto zone. Sure you can use 3 bar, but you won’t have that much of resolution to adjust the fuel map like a 2 bar. You can’t just replace your stock map sensor with the 2/3 bar. I say go for a Greddy E-Manage w/ ignition harness and pressure sensor. With the ignition harness, you will have enough extra wire to control the injectors. It can retard the timing depends on boost. It also can drive 2 sub injectors. It will save you a lot of headach and $.

12 psi on stock internal is kinda risky. Sure I’ve seen ppl running 14psi w/ stock internal, but all ended up w/ blown head gasket or broken rod, even melted piston within a year.

You are right about keeping your stock injector running w/ the resisitor box coz most of the big injectors are low impedance which need a resistor box.

I hope this help.

Well im getting the motor for 400 bucks with the head off. Im replacing the head gasked with a high boost and probably replacing the studs with arp. That right there should help with reliability and then im running 8lbs daily. Just want the 12 for race. But what ur telling me is that the e-manage which is a 400 or so bucks would be the better route. now does the harnesses come with the the e-manage or not?? b/c where im from I dont think there is no one to tune the greddy blue box??

just checked it out.It looks pretty cool but how does it work with obd0 or do i need to convert still???

It’s not just the gasket can’t hold 12psi, but mainly the rod. Are you talking about the old blue box from the old Greddy turbo kit? They are history. All the new Greddy turbo kit comes w/ Pre-set E-Manage. 8 psi should be safe w/ a front mount intercooler. The ignition harness is not included w/ main unit. But w/ the ignition harness, you don’t need the injector harness coz the ignition harness will come w/ more than enough wires for you to control the timing, 4 injectors and 2 sub injectors. When you replace your stock injectors w/ a bigger one, all you need to do is punch in the new injector size in the support tools program and it will adjust your fuel map for idle. Remember that you won’t need a FMU if you have the E-manage. FMU is POS and hard to tune the car right.

For $400 I can get you the main unit w/ ignition harness. You gonna need a cable to tune your car w/ a laptop. I can send you to someone on the net to sell you the homemade cable which is 1/2 the price of the greddy one and also a link to download the tunning software. If you are getting a Greddy boost gauge, I’m gonna teach you how to use it w/ E-Mange instead of paying another $150 for the pressure sensor.

Forgot to mention, it also can clamp your stock map sensor so you won’t get fuel cut. It’s much better than any add-on box or check valve.

No need to convert.

Really. no need to convert to obd1??? hmmmmm thats sounds to good to be true. If this is such a good deal then why dont people use the e-manage instead of the hondata,uber and turbounit??? So i to run about 12 psi I will need the e-manage with the ignition harness, 3 bar map sensor with a laptop. That sound to good. My buddy has a laptop. Now one more question???..what about the air/fuel settings. To adjust that do I need a wide band o2 is there one built into the software???

besides that it looks all good

Use Turboedit…many more features and less cost (FREE).

Yeah you have to get your ECU chipped (or chip it yourself) and it would be smart to buy a wideband (currently ~$280) but then you are set.

You dont need to run higher than a stock MAP sensor for only 12 psi. Just enrich the last column in anticipation on race days.

I am currently hitting 13psi daily on my Teg but have started developing a headgasket problem i believe. I have been boosted for approx. 1 year.

Even with the headgasket issue I put down 251 HP / 235 TQ on a dynapack…

TurboEdit :smiley:

so is turboedit good for 92-93…also i get my trubo installed then i need to look for a place to install turboedit…which i haven’t been able to find…until i find someone to install this can u drive a untuned turbo

no you cant drive untuned turbo

and with a 92-93 car you are OBD1 which would require using Uberdata or Crome…no TurboEdit

if you need your ECU chipped to run uberdata…send me an email, I can do it for you and we are close so you could just bring it by my garage and i can do it in front of you. when you are ready we could tune as well



This is the only place you need to go to learn how to make chips, it is another forum explaining a bunch of tuning tricks… But i bought my cable off ebay and paid 8$ for a chip, used my friend’s burner. So to fully tune my car it took me the better part of 28$. So, Check it out.

Oh and no Turbo edit will only work with ODB-0 and the 92-93 Integras have An OBD-1 PR4 Ecu… So i’d reccomend Uberdata, plus it’s better than turbo edit… IMO

Thanks for the update :wink: