whats the best looking lip for a 92 bumper ? PICS?

whats the best looking lip for a 92 bumper ? PICS? please help trying to find something for my gsr :slight_smile:

JDP OE lip

i 2nd that suggestion…anything JDP is good.

where do you think i could get one? and how much do you think i should pay for it?

google JDP

and its about 200

i always liked the JDP air duct lip as well. anything from JDP looks good


…check out the gallery section of their web-site…plenty of pictures.
they’re also in the Alhambra/Pasadena location…so all it is a quick 30-45 minute drive from Anaheim.

89 integra lip looks good and if you can find one at the junkyard it should cost you about $7 lol

does the 89 bumper just bolt onto the 92/93 bumper? haha im down for a 7 dollar lip. haha

eh I have a 92-93 bumper ready to go on with all hardware and lip but I like my 91 bumper and lip better. Besides the jdp air ducts arnt even fuctional are they?

I like the 92-93 type r lip

x2 on the 92-93 Type-R lip.

Look functional to me.

92-93 Type-R lip is what i have, and its hard to beat for the price.

i have a 92-93 type-r lip

how much is a type r lip?! damn i want it now hahaha my cars white and that pic made me fall in love haha

I got mine for $100 from a local shop

alright cool did you paint it yourself? or it came like that? cause it looks hella shiny and clean

That’s just how the abs plastic looks. I’ve been meaning to paint it, but i haven’t yet…

[QUOTE=DA9_G.Styles;2197006]i have a 92-93 type-r lip


Goddamn that’s a fcuking nice DA!