Whats the diff? 255LPH or 255LPH (HP)

Hey guys,

I’ve been searching and still cant come up with an answer. I’m about to start work on my turbo conversion and after reading up on it have decided to get a Walbro 255LPH fuel pump, which I’m either gonna put in the tank, or put inline.

I’ve found heaps of them on eBay for like $90US shipped (even though it’d be a bit more since I’m in Australia) but in the description it makes no mention of the (HP) or High pressure model so I’m assuming it’s just the ‘normal’ version.

Is this pump still ok to use? I’ll be running 450DSM injectors, and a chipped ECU using TurboEdit (Thanks Xenocron!! :slight_smile: )

I’m hoping it will be alright, since I’m only after higher flow, not higher fuel pressure since I’m retaining the factory fuel pressure regulator.


hey mark–

you’ll want to use the high-pressure kit. if you can’t get anything definitive from the ebay sellers (or even if you can) i’d recommend going with www.kteller.com/store for your walbro. it’s $99US for the high pressure kit, but that’s everything you’ll need to install (most of the ebay pumps don’t include the install kit) including hardware and new fuel sock, and kteller’s customer service is a far cry from what any ebay sellers attempt to call “customer service”. it’s well worth the few extra dollars spent to get the service that comes from mike (kteller).

Thanks for your reply Armed Ferret!

I found a link on the web explaining the difference between the two versions of the 255 pump. http://www.lightningmotorsports.com/walbro_tech.htm

Seeing as I’m retaining the stock fuel pressure regulator I dont think I will need the HP version as all I’m using are larger injectors and a chipped ECU to control them. I will need more fuel flow, but I dont think I’ll need any more pressure.

I’m not looking for a huge horsepower increase. Will only be running less then 8PSI so my stock fuel pump will probably suffice, however I know it is old so it’s prolly best to replace it.

The eBay auctions are for the in-tank kit which includes all the hardware to mount it for 90-93 Integras. I’m finding out if they have the HP version and what the price difference is.

I sent the eBay guy a question about the pump and it turns out that it is in fact the 255LPH High Pressure pump with the mounting kit for the 90-93 Integra. It will end up costing me $130US shipped to Australia (bout $165AU) which isn’t too bad. Still far cheaper then buying them locally. I’ve read the honda service manual (I have it in .pdf if anyone needs it) and it doesn’t look too difficult to change. So hopefully I’ll order one tomorrow and get it soon… My collection of parts for the turbo is getting there… slowly but surely! :slight_smile:

Hey EvenAce, im located in melbourne too just wondering where you got the chip as im in search of a good place to tune and chip my car… cheers


Hey Andy,

Whereabouts in Melbourne are you from? I haven’t acctually got my chip yet, but I’m about to order a DIY kit from a guy on these forums called Xenocron. You can check out his site at www.xenocron.com. The only reason I’m going for a ‘re-chip’ of the factory ECU is to allow me to run boost on a budget and re-chipping, if done correctly can be one of the most reliable ways to run boost on a Honda as if it came from the factory with a turbo. Are you, or are you planning on running a turbo on your 'teg? If so then I recommend you check out Chris’s (aka Xenocron’s) site. Using a freeware editor like TurboEdit (which is what I’ll be using) you can really save a lot of money BUT and it’s a big BUT, if you dont know what you are doing (and I’m only learning myself) then do as much research on here as you can and talk to some of the guys on here coz they really know their stuff!

you do realize you have to drop the fuel tank to change the pump in a 90-93 integra right?

im in clayton near springy man… umm i currently have a H22 in my g2 and looking to get a chip as im using a p72 to run it as the p13 manual is so rare here in aust. but im looking at going boost now as after chatting with Tommy haha convinced me supercharger isnt the way to go… hehe

Armed Ferret, yup I realise you gotta drain and drop the tank… I’ve helped someone do it before on another car (used to be an apprentice mechanic) but never done one by myself, but I’m sure I’ll manage it! :wink:

I think I’m going to order one of the pumps tonight. My injectors just arrived in the mail today, and I’m going to give them to my cousin to get them cleaned on his injector cleaner. A bit of extra insurance before I start boosting!

Hey Andy, I got your email, I thought I’d reply on here first tho. Clayton is a fair way from where I am, which is Heidelberg. H22 in your G2 thats mad, I’ll have to check out the forums and look up your car!! I’ve done a bit to mine, mainly just stereo, dropped it on it’s ass and put on some 17s. Oh, and colour coded the bumpers, usual exaust and intake upgrades… etc.