When fuel rail is not enough...

Which cylinder fails first when OEM fuel rail is taken to its limit? Engine is B16A. What I mean, is that which cylinder goes lean first, usually it´s always the same cylinder in certain engines that fails first. Is there one in Hondas? I know that OEM fuel rail lasts for a lot of power, but the limit will be somewhere… Thanks for answers!

Good question I would think that 4 goes first - but, I don’t know.

Friend of mine running 550 on pump and 780 on race uses stock b16 rail still with 1000cc injectors. never had any issues.

Should be no 1 as it’s furthest away from the fuel supply.

your never going to reach the limits of the stock fuel rail. you need well over 900hp to max it out, and at that point, its not gonna be a street car and will cast you about 10k to get it there. your fuel pump needs to be upgraded first. you can get about 250 to 280hp out of your stock fuel pump, then it will start to run lean till you upgrade to a 255. i have over 400whp on my lsv and its runnin a stock fuel rail with 880’s

10 000$ will never get you 900hp. maybe for 10 seconds then boom.

Fuel pressure will drop and all cylinders will go lean. This goes for a fuel pump that isn’t moving enough fuel, as well as if the lines, filter, or rail can’t flow enough.