where is the cam seal?

Ok I have heard two different things… now tell me what circle here is the cam seal?

ok pretend this was a b18a

which circle is the cam seal, ive heard both things…

the larger circle on the right is where my car is leaking oil from and someone told me that was the cam seal, or valve cover seal maybe causing the leak.

The cam seal is on the left.

and looks like that

well any idea whats causing the oil leak then?

It could be leaking from the valve cover gasket. How bad is the leak?

just noticed its a vtec… dont know what year and all to pull up part numbers

distrib o-ring could be leaking some…
valve cover gasket…
theres not really as much that can leak on the left side of the motor

leaks are a bitch… goodluck… it took us about 4 trys to finaly stop all except 1 leak

werd, thats not my engine… i have a b18a non vtec, just at work at found that pic… thats where its coming from tho…

anyways… its leaking REAL BAD, but only when im driving…
umm i took it down the road, got back, and noticed it was smoking, looked and it leaked about a quart of oil in a few minutes, then stopped leaking because the engine cooled, turned it back on revved it and it started leaking again… it leaks real fast.

If you walk into Acura/Honda and ask for a cam seal, that is what they are going to give you. The cam seal is a rubber o-ring that fits around the end of the cam. The picture that white-teggy posted, according to the helms manual and Acura/Honda is called the End Rubber Cap. HTH

is the center of it leaking out?

if its a acura cam plug (as you guys keep calling it wrong) it doesnt use a o-ring… its a piece of rubber and it keeps the oil in fine… it just dont last except maybe 10 years… instead of a lifetime like the aluminum ones that cost liek 3x more… cam seals go behind the cam gears

cam plug(circled above) 12513-P30-000
distributor o-ring 30110-PA1-732
valve cover gasket 12341-PR4-A00

change those 3 and odds are your leak on that side of the motor will be gone

unless its rear main seal… than thats a whole diffrent thing… u gotta pull the clutch and all to get to that one

ill go today and get some pics of exactly where its leaking from of my engine… and post em! thanks for the help guys.

u dont really needa take pictures… you can see where the 2 cams are by the valve cover… its eather gonna be leaking below the cam plug… a round plastic cap on the left end of the front cam… or under the distributor

you should be able to ID where its at from that… of corse being the cam plug is like $4.50 and the distrib o-ring is like $1.50… it wouldnt hurt to change them both

well its not leaking from the left side of the engine, on the pic I put thats where its leaking from, not near the distrubuter… kind of under the valve cover, on the cam gear side.

on the picture the distrib side is circled…

if its by the gears… its almost 100% cam seals… unless your oilpump o-ring went like on our car… we just had to get that done monday

actually on the picture there are 2 prts circled… the side on the right that is circled is where its leaking from, sorry about that.

Whoah! Back it up a minute here…

The piece that white_teggy posted a pic of is sometimes described as a cam seal or cam plug. Hence the confusion. I was mistaken on that point. That is indeed an End Rubber Cap that is circled on the left side of XcLuSiVTRM’s picture .

The cam seals (plural, another source of confusion) would be on the right side of the picture (aka driver’s side of the car), under the timing cover. See Fig. 3 on the following page:


so it may be the valve cover gasket or the cam seal?

Could be. Here’s another link (see Fig 3):


you can simply pull off the valve cover and you shoudl eb able to see if its the cam seals… also u can look atthe valve cover gasket and see what it looks like… if it looks in kinda bad shape… or has alot of gasket sealer around it… it should be changed

I disagree. I think we need to see some pics.

right, well I hear cam seals are easy to change… im going to change those and the valve cover gasket today and i will also take pics if it continues to leak after that.