Where to mount NOS bottle?

Hey, I need some ideas on where to mount a zex bottle? There is not one even place in the hatch (trunk). Pictures would be great, Thanks!

A good spot to keep it discreet is to have it behind the passenger seat, you can easily turn the bottle on from your seat…Do you have a back seat? If not you can mount it here…Its kinda hard to see, but you get the idea…

mine will be in front of the RSTB, I have no backseat…hope to have pics this weekend when I install the custom mount thingymabobber I made.

Yes I have back seats. I mounted the bottle in the trunk on a piece of wood, there are 2 bolts holding the wood to the car, but this setup doesnt fit with my bottle opener. :ghetto: . Is there a professional way of mounting it?


what u need is a centerpunch and a nutsert tool…its like a pop rivet gun but it crimps these little plugs that are threaded on the inside. just put the brackets on the bottle. move it around a little till u get it to set flat or close. mark holes. use centerpunch to punch the holes and crimp nutserts in the holes. sorry i have no idea where to get a nutsert gun, i just saw sumone do it at a local shop but im positive he said nutsert so u can prolly find one by searching. hope i could help

just make positive u dont punch into the gastank…

the only thing is tho, there is no level place in the trunk…

This is my friends teggy. His is mounted on the back of the drivers side rear seat. Looks cool when he pulls down his rear seat.

the picture doesnt come up :hmm:

you’re from NJ… ever been down to Morris Ave in Union?? Lots of drag racing there. Anyway this kid down on Morris Ave a few years back mounted his bottle inside the fender well. I didnt say it was a good idea. Are you going to keep your bottle in your car all the time? If its just for track day you might be able to fit in your spare tire well.

Word of advice… If you keep the bottle in your car and have any kind of insurance other than liability , and you get in an accident, get ready to find a new insurance carrier. Ask me how I know.

LOL. same thing just about happened to me…my insurance company found out i was using n2o…few months later they send some letter in the mail to me, said insurance “no longer renuable” do to “off road vehicle equiptment” reason “nitrous”…i realized how they found out, i meantioned it to an insurance agent at one point…for a reason i won’t go into…keep in mind i get this letter months after i parted the damn car out and was no longer driving it…

as far the best place to mount a 10lb bottle…i’d recommend cutting a piece of plywood, at least 8/16" in thickness, mount it securely to the floor in the hatch area…lay the carpet back down…then attach the bottle brackets securely to the wood through the carpeting…cleanest install IMO.

i worked for an insurance company. And people would get in accidents and we’d find the lines and bottles and what not and be like “Have a nice life”.

finally got mine together…still have to carpet it over this weekend…no more backseat, but never have people back there anyways cause of the c-pillar bar.

Just a thought on that mounting…

You should mount the bottle facing the front of the car with the down side facing the hatch, reason is when you accelrate ( < spelling sorry ) it will keep the gas at the low end where the pick up tube is, I ran with a bottle side ways like that and had constant problems till I mounted it the "right " way

true…and I’ve heard two sides to this also. I was told that if you do a sideways mount, as long as the label is facing towards the front of the car, the pickup will siphon up plenty nitrous on acceleration…can anyone confirm that?? but yeah if I notice any issues, I’ll ditch the RSTB and switch the mounting position of the bottle like normal.

all that wood is going to slow you down :stuck_out_tongue: J/k. I mounted a bottle in my car in the side part (pass. side in the trunk), I was just wondering if i could mount it another way in my sisters car… Ill take pictures of it for all of you, actually its not that bad.