zex install help

read all other posts but could not understand i was wonder for the fuel preasure regulator do i undo the 2 bolts that hold it on and let is loose so i can hook up my 2 lines and if i do where do i put the lines.
i phoned zex and could not understand if u just leave it bolted on where do the 2 lines go
if anyone can get a pic if would help me out so much i was also wondering where u would find the throtle position wire to hook the white wire 2 from the zex unit

:think: Dude did you read the directions the kit comes with? Its pretty simple. First of all, dont take the FPR off. Leave it alone. Take the vaccum line that runs from the top of the FPR to the intake minfold and put it onto the ZEX unit where it says REGULATER… then from the ZEX unit where it says INTAKE, hook that line to the spot that the regulater was, on the INTAKE MANIFOLD.

As for the white wire to the throttle position sensor… Im not 100% positive, but I think its the middle wire, the red one maybe. Incase you dont know where to find the TPS… its located on the back of the throttle body. If your still confused, you should not have spent the money for nitrous. You made a boo boo!!! :think:

:werd: Zex rules!!!

PhaN20mGSR you are abosolutely correct. Just finished installing one a my buddys 93 G2 and it is the red wire in the middle. I didnt have a book so I tapped all three till I got the right one. :slight_smile:

can someone answer this?

I have everything hooked up right, but where the hell does the spray nozzle hook up at???

I bought this ZEX Kit off a friend, so i have no Instructions.
I know its somewhere on the Intake Manifold, but i don’t know where. Can someone explain where?? TIA

ZEX TPS help

I am in need help installing my zex system. I got all the wires wired up right all the hoses in, and everything done. I am haveing trouble with the TPS sensor. I think its the red wire in the middle, but when i put the cars key in second position and press the gas pedal to WOT, i hear no clicking from the zex unit?? Its not turning on, yes the system is armed. What is this from, and should i try other wires on the TPS? I have a 92 teg ls.