I called AEBS today....

Like many of you, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for LS headstuds to be released by AEBS. I was bored at work, so I called them to find out when to expect a release:

“hello, is this Advanced engine breathing sys-”
“Yeah, whattaya need man.”
“Wow. Okay, well i’m stationed at offutt air force base in nebraska, and a lot of people i know are wondering when to expect the LS headstuds to be released.”
“What LS headstuds?”
“You guys aren’t making any?”
“Hell no man, nobody does straight LS setups anymore. Everyone puts the VTEC heads on LS motors now.”
“Wow. well thanks for your–”

Never in my life have i been treated so poorly. I have added AEBS to my shitlist of companies. It’s not long, but I have already had 3 companies blacklisted by the Department of Defense…meaning that any DoD employees (military or civilian) are forbidden from patronizing them. I’ll be starting paperwork for the same to happen to AEBS when I return from leave. Excuse the language, but for fuck’s sake people. That has to be the worst example of customer “service” i’ve ever seen.

I had a really poor customer service experience today too - at Carl’s Junior.

What a bunch of fuckers. Don’t you hate it when companies that are supposed to be the best out there hire people right out of high school and shit without giving them even the slightest customer service training.

When spending your hard earned money…I dont think it is much to ask for good customer service.

And when your a soon to be customer and you have questions for a company you sure as hell dont want them answering the phone with a “yo”.

ABES = Crap :run:


don’t hate my intake manifold.

I know, it’ll be faster than mine for sure!

Until the cheap ass manifold developes a crack from the Place Racing mounts anyway.

What a bunch of asses. :down:

But why not use ARP studs?

ARP??? Hum…

because you have to retorque the ARP’s after a certain period of time, and i honestly wasn’t really looking forward to removing all my cams and crap just to check torque on something that SHOULD torque down correctly the first time.

but there i go again, demanding performance for the price i pay. silly theory, huh?

Never heard of that happening. Got sources?

How do the AEBs studs prevent this? Super JDM ricer power?

People say you shoudl recheck the torque to make sure they haven’t loosened at all after a few heat cycles. but never loosen them and then retorque. only check torque. but from frien’ds experience. they haven’t checked the torque sicne installnig them lnog long tiem ago. still good to go. but you never know i guess. I ahve ARP head studs. not gonna bother checking torque again tho.

no, the dimple on the end of the stud. it bottoms out on the block before the threads bottom out, making preloading the stud more effective and safe.

it’s moot; they don’t make 'em for me, and when i inquired as to when to expect them to do so, they were as rude as rude can be i must say. so i’m not going to use or recommend their products to anyone anymore. :up:

Dave we’re talking about the ABES manifold

You’re wrong, Schu…

Your right

are you on Omaha Racing ? I was kinda thinking we need to get a thing goin for nebraska gen 2 teggy owners IM me: hazardousGSR or email i think it should be under my profile

i agree with you guys. im a manager in the sevice industry(resturant) and we get told guest (costumer): are always right but when i seem to go anywhere myself its fuck the costumer hmm wtf? :nobody:

A more updated saying is, “The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer.”