My HMT'd B16 Build

Finally picking a route to go with my car and I’ve started to buy some parts. This isn’t going to be some big baller ass build with all kinds of fancy new parts but more like a budget minding build using used parts that I’ve scored locally or via the internet. Car with be tuned on ECtune when it’s all buttoned up and I’m hoping for 300whp but I will settle for high 200s.

The turbo I picked up is a used Hitachi HT18 from an old Turbo RX7, should be good for my power goals and still uses T3 flanges.

Picking up an intercooler tonight. Going to convert it to a back door style to save some room and hopefully get better spool times.

The rest of the parts I’m looking out for are a Tial V Band BOV and 38mm Wastegate, 650 injectors and other misc parts.
Planning to pick up an A-SPEC manifold from Spooling at the end of the month.


:corn: 650s are a little big dont you think. I guess when I comes to fuel and boost, you realy cant have to much, or at least the ability to have to much:)

They are a bit over kill but I’ll have room for playing.

I’m waiting to hear back on some DSM 450s for half the price though.

+1 for buying the manifold from Spoolin Performance. They do great work.

I would stick with the 650’s if you plan to make more power down the line. Keep us updated!

Motor will be completely changed/built by the time I need 650s or anything higher.

Got my IC, she’s small-ish but will support my power goals.

I plan to convert it to a back door style IC in the next couple of weeks.

Grabbed a resistor box for my DSM 450s at the wrecker today. Sadly no turbo DSMs to get injectors from.

Got a manifold, just an Egay one but I’ll run some braces to it.

[QUOTE=G2 Racer;1996317]

Got a manifold, just an Egay one but I’ll run some braces to it.[/QUOTE]

nice! so did you order from that website I gave ya? I haven’t seen many peeps run that manifold. Let me know how it holds up.

I bought it locally from a buddy actually.

Do you think the mani will clear the radiator??

Hell no.
I’m putting in a half rad anyhow.

Are u planning on keeping a/c?

Nope, AC and PS should be coming out today/tomorrow I hope.

Well did some work today in preparation for the turbo. Both AC and power steering are coming out. Before anyone says, I had my AC discharged when I bought the car last year.
So far lines are out, once the PS is out I can yank the AC compressor out too.

Placed an order for more gauges for my boost set up. Boost and fuel pressure plus a wideband O2, all from

Ordering a pillar pod, battery relocating kit and we’ll see what else this week.

Not to nock on your parade but shouldn’t you take care of what ever oil leaks your motor has before going boost? I say this since the whole passenger side of your engine and trany look full of grime.

There’s no leaks actually. There was but it’s been fixed. I’ve just never bothered to clean it up.

Also, after a month my turbo has been shipped, finally. I’ve already bought another turbo though, T3/04E 50 trim. So once the HT-18 gets here, up for sale it goes.

:up:, Keep us posted I’m looking forward to see what numbers you make.

hey just wondering if you could show me where to hook up the speedo cable ? My email address is Thansk