Needing Help with future boosting

Im really new to this whole forum asking stuff to start off with.
I know my question is very vague but really wanting to get things going.
I have a 1990 gs integra with a 205k b18a1 engine. everything is oem in it.

My goal is to boost it about 6-8lbs
so my questions are:

  1. What should I do in to prepare my engine for the turbo?
    should I rebuild it, or should I just swap it?
    I would very much appreciate it if someone could list the components and parts I would need to do this.

  2. would I have to change my obd0 to obd1?

  3. what does the typical person do in the first stages of boosting?
    should I get new headers, new fuel rails, new half size radiator? what should I go with first?

thanks guys and sorry that it was very vague, but hope I can get some good feedback on it.


youre new here, so start off with using the forum’s search function as well as google. you can run 6-8lbs on the stock internals of your b18a1 but at the very least, an OEM rebuild would be necessary for reliability (bearings, rings, gaskets, timing components, etc.) for tuning, i recommend googling xenocron and reading up. a turbo setup will not have headers, neither does your current NA setup since these cars utilize a single header; you would need a turbo exhaust manifold

thanks man

no problem man. just remember, knowledge is the key in all of this and you can find a lot of info on your own. its the small things that you might need help with

what kind rims are these by the way? my friend gave me these but he had no idea what they were.

no idea

your in the right section,but you need to read threw the sticky up top of this section theres a forced induction g2ic guide it has all your answer.when i first got the itch for boost thats were i started and it help me out alot!gl getting boosted!!:slight_smile:

hey thanks alot man im learning alot! definitely was wrong about what kind of compression ratio I should run but im getting everything straightened out now. :read:

I’m tuned on e-85 on my stock 187,xxx miles B17. If you aren’t smoking and have good compression boost the stocker. It’s all in the tune really, mines fast as any turbo car i’ve had, reliable.

so you think 6-8psi is alright for a daily driven car that has around 202k on it?

I’m on 8 and could easily do 10-12. I’m on 750 injectors and 255 fuel pump. Hell even found a broken piston squirter in my oil pick up lol. Bone stock with a turbo kit and I’m moving. Do a compression test, fix leaks and go from there.

hey man thats awesome! thanks alot bro! :salute:

Anytime, its my winter beater and gets shitty gas mileage, hard to start in the cold , but when it’s up and running on dry streets brings a smile to face everytime! :slight_smile:

when I first started boosting, I did it on stock internals. as long as your engine is healthy, then I say go for it. 6-8psi is nothing on a stock honda engine. it can take that with ease. keep it simple. this will give you an idea if you want more later on. and you will!!! 6 years later and I am now at 28psi. it is addictive so be careful.

Right on man! I am happy for you! Just thinking of it brings a smile to my face as well.

Come for a ride sometime :slight_smile:

alright so I now have the half sized radiator installed, took off the cat, and just installed stage 2 f1 racing clutch kit, engine is running excellent so I might not mess with the compression and all that jazz since im just having 6-8lbs of boost. now my new project is relocating the battery, I heard the trunk is a pretty good location, and I was just wondering do I just take off the two battery clamps from the two wires and just solder new thick wiring from those wires and run them to the trunk and to the battery like that? (sorry if this really sounds confusing and vague) and my 2nd question is, Ive asked people and looked around on here and have seen that half of them say its ok to get a ebay turbo kit if your running 6-8lbs of boost MAYBE 10 at tops, and this is still my daily driving car. On the other hand I see people say stay away from ebay when boosting your car. so what in your opinion should I do? buy a whole kit from ebay, or just put together a kit?

i say ebay if thats all the budget can handle but dont expect the turbo to last and everything to fit perfect…my first turbo kit was a ebay special and it held together pretty good for the short time i had it on mydailydriven dc integra 200kmil ls motor it made 260hp and was fun driving to work but gas prices went up and i sold the kit,then pieced together a couple different one’s sence…i would set a budget and start buying parts to make a good kit! honda-tech and any local forums would be your best bet…try for a good garret or pricision turbo if getting boosted…

PSI is relative…its the actual whp you need to look at, not just a psi #. The flow from one turbo at x psi will not be the same as another (ie…T25 to 60-1). Sub 250whp is generally a very safe range on a healthy stock motor.

I would adviste staying away from wasting money on an ebay kit.

^^^^^ good advice right there…