obd-0 PR4 engine manangment????

ight guys ,
stuck in between a rock and a hard place. I know turbo-edit and BRE are managements that are for obd-0. Going to be running boost soon and don’t want to go in the hassle of converting to obd-1 due to financial limitations. The thing is what engine management can i use that is for a PR4? I’m getting answers pr3 and pw0 ecus. Which are both VTEC- ecus. But i am boosting strictly an LS motor. Help a fellow g2 owner out, homies.

Turboedit is your friend. Im confused? You say you know TE and BRE are for OBD0 but you dont want to convert to OBD1? Whos telling you to convert? 90-91 OBD0 PR4 / 92-93 OBD1 PR4. You answerd your own Q. Check out www.xenocron.com for chipping kits and services.

PR4 + ODB0 = Turboedit

Read, Learn, Chip your ECU and be happy… :tsk:

chunk has it right.

I’d convert to obd1 and run crome.IMHO.

I got the answer mixed up, sorry for the confusion. I just didn’t want people to tell me to convert to obd-1 to run uberdata, hondata, ostrich, crome.
People are telling me to convert to make it easier on myself. But thats investing money that i don’t want to invest in. Using what i already got.

Maybe someone could enlighten us as to why OBD1 is better.

I use TurboEDIT and its easy to use. I’m not doing any datalogging with it though, all my datalogging I’m doing with my LM-1 (O2, RPM, MAP & TPS). I’m even saving some $$ for an Ostrich which is now supported by TurboEDIT.

I’ve used Uberdata on other cars and the maps being specific to the version of software and the import maps thing, I don’t get that. Uberdata craps out alot too.

I’ve used Crome, very limited, it seems nice but don’t you have to pay for Datalogging?

Chip the PR4 and run TurboEdit.

I made 258 to the wheels at 13psi on my tired B18a last year on TurboEdit and an OBD0 PR4

The only reason I tell people to convert to OBD1 these days is if they are OBD0 and running a VTEC motor.

OBD0 and non-vtec…TurboEdit is more than capable up to a power level that would require you use larger than 550 injectors. (350hp and above).

TurboEdit is:
Ostrich Supported, real time tuning.
Datalogging capable, through ECU Control plugin
Larger Map sensor capable, 2.5 bar and 3 bar work fine

xenocron thanks for the great input. Yeah i ordered my turboedit yesterday. So i should be good now.

ANd thats some great numbers you pushed out of a b18a.

I hope you didn’t actually order TurboEdit from someplace…

turbo edit was ordered from someplace CHUNK. Why is there something wrong with it? actually from the place where g2tegguy recommened

You ordered a chip kit :slight_smile:

TurboEdit is free my friend…



I plan on using turbo edit when I go boost in a few months

ohh alright, turbo-edit is free i know that. BUt how can u run turbo edit without the chip kit. Thanks for the input guys. See i’m still learning this whole FI thing, so bare with me.

Easy there my friend, :hyper: I was trying to save you from being scammed.

That is all.

believe you me homie, if iwere to get scammed, i will be the one to kick myself in the ass. Good looking out though Chunk, you are appreciated.

TE is the Rom editor big guy. You take your stock fuel/ign map and along with other options to make a custom map of your setup. You then in turn find a good buddy that will let you use his chip burner to burn the map you made onto the chip you are getting from xeno. Chip your ecu following the instructions on pgmfi.org and take her for a spin!! Kapeesh

and don’t forget to get a wideband…

Damn it Dennis, where were you when i needed your help on H-t. What wideband are you using?

^^^plx m300…
hit me up if you need any help… :slight_smile: