pics of my friends turboed,built, 90 integra

Ok I did a search too. I think what my bredren nas-T-nos was saying is. There are no pics(LS/Vtec) or stats on your car. I saw your spool, mad guages(i do like the dash board), roll cage, a rim, and a dp intake manifold. I don’t doubt your car is quick but what I wanted to know was not in the search (ie:type of head and work done to it, cams, compression, pistons, rods, dyno sheets, that sort of stuff). I am old school too and love stats. If its none of my business and you want to keep it to yourself, thats cool. Just say so, I can respect that.

BTW. Thanks for the props on my gas gussler:)

Agen2integra3- I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your setup. You have so much left in that car. To run 109mph at 9.5 psi is flippin quick( no doubt on pump gas). With that sleeved block and strong bottom end parts you have you should get a slick (and some race gas) under that bad boy and turn up the wick to 20 psi, I see 117+mph in your future with a 11 sec timeslip to boot. My question to ya is. How do those injectors idle? I am seriously thinking about that but I don’t want to fauck up my driveability. Do you have any issues with that? Is she toxic when its idling? Also how long does your plugs last before you change them? How far are you reving her? Lastly what method of tuning did you use to dial in your program? Sorry for the questions brah, but we we did the group buy on that Zdyne I had no clue of the monster you were building. Once again, GOOD STUFF:drool: :up: :bowdown:

ok, there are pics in there, but not easy to find here ya go–

block–b18a- .20+ je 11.5.1 forged, eagle rods,z10 main girdle, blockguard,assembled by a very good machine shop local to me.

head–b16a-headwork by alaniz technologies.(erik aguialar’s porter)skunk springs & retainers, supertech valves, ctr &skunkk stage 2 cams. gonna try both this year.

other–str 70mm throttle body, skunk 2 manifold,rc 330’s, nitrous express direct port, progressive controller, jdm itr header, sustec pro’s, energy bushings everywhere, 10 gal aluminum cell, horde of autometer,aem ems, pro drive spool, dss stg 2 axles, sx pump. … iwill put up new pics as soon as i get my camera fixed. car is championship white w/ bronze te-37’s

agen2- sorry about whorin your thread, ill pm you next weekend and well catch up in the city? ever seen fast eddies g2? red, stock everything except for the burl revhard kit.


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whatever littledickda6. you proved how much of an idiot you really are. oldscholler? trust me, if you new anything, you would know what type of racers laid down the foundation for fools like you. my friend got ripped off on his cage? you flippin’ roadent. if you new anything about the good ol C.A, you would know that our prices are 50% higher than US cake. anyway, your set up does look aight, but, talk when its finished. maybe then we will listen to you. and you say i shouldn’t talk until i reach the 10’s. well, i am. 4" in your girls mouth, and the other 6" is in my hand, grippin it. later, tommy maddox, you b*.tch

i must have made you mad. good. oldschooler? i said old head, high school 14 years ago puts you over 30. loose skin and old balls…gross. and my car is finished, christ its been tuned for about two weeks. you must have some kind of c o c k up your ass, you started talkin s h i t. btw-thanks for the decent comment on my setup- im not a total d i c k.

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since when has an 11 second race car on nitrous been something to brag about? I build street cars faster than that. Do you really think you have something special quickda6?


ohoh…do we have to tune in to CNN for the war report? i think its starting again. :gun: :rocket: :gun2: :getsome: i do feel the same way as secretagent, though.

so secretagent- you build 11 sec g2 street cars. thats bullshit. whats your excuse? 13.2?? i wouldnt put a time like that in my sig. its easy to build a fast turbo car. get a 92 hatch, b series, bolt on kit and your there. try that with a g2 and youll be lucky to run 12’s. my car is registered, tagged and insured, i drive it around on weekends. so yes, i do think i have something special. with that said, the war is over for me.

no, my 13.2 is slow. i did that full interior w/ just a 75 shot like 2 years ago.

i just got done builing a 10 second hatch. no VTEC, no big displacement. just an LS motor and a little turbo. has a/c full interior, even power steering. should run 10.60’s-10.80’s. I helped finish up a 10.90 99 Civic Si couple weeks back, it’ll be faster once we get the new tranny in, they were still running an Si tranny, having to shift into 5th gear well before the traps. About to start building another 10 second EG hatch, GSR motor, turbo, etc. After that we have another hatch to build, running a big nasty setup, should be good for 900hp. And all of these will be street cars. The first 3 cars I mentioned are all DAILY DRIVERS, in the most literal sense of the word. The last one will just be a weekend street car/track car. It’ll be running on methanol as well.

my integra, when it rolls out again, will be running at least low 11’s, maybe even high 10’s. it depends on how hard we decide to push the turbo. no a/c or power steering tho, b/c they won’t fit with the turbo we’re going to run. but it will be a street car, registered, inspected and insured, full interior as well. i just don’t have the money or time to finish it right now. my daily driver keeps breaking on me, and i’m busy as hell at work.

my honda e-**** is bigger then your honda e-****! muwahahaha!

secret agent seems like we both run shops. i dont build anything that nasty, mainly 11-12-13 sec street and track cars. i am not anti turbo, just hooked on juice. hatches are soooo light, i need one. i get jealous when they go so fast for cheap. sometimes i want to rip out my motor and put it in my crx for an easy 1/2sec.

btw- all the cars you listed were turbo cars…build an 11sec car with just juice and then ill bow down.

Re: hahahaha

perhaps you guys should shut the f u c k up and get over yourselves…and since when has an 11 second street car not been something to brag about?..seriously though if you have ever honestly driven an 11 second street car i honestly dont think you would know what to do with youselves…11 second street car is fast period and i think you all are being babies :bored:

finally some respect. these guys act like 11’s in a g2 is no big deal, like every g2 on here is that quick. i would love to run every one of these shittalkers. my car is definitely more setup for the strip, but when i built it i wanted it to be legal for the street.

this thread should be shut down…and for the record my penis is bigger than all of yours. :squint:

whats funny is someone asked what my setup was, i kindly asked them to do a search so i didnt have to list all the mods i have. then the smacktalking ensued. people just love to talk s h it

I never said an 11 second street car wasn’t fast. I said an 11 second race car isn’t. I have built several 8, 9 and 10 second gas cars. My firebird will run mid to high 9’s after i put the gas on it.

I’m not talking **** by any means…just was saying that an 11 second track car isn’t something to brag about. An 11 second daily driver, yes. a 10 second daily driver, hell yes. however, if you look at my reply, and those before it, it never stated that quickda6 was also a “street” car.

and turboteg, yes i have driven many 11 second street cars, my firebird, which i drive on the weekends does low 10’s. i’ve been driving the hatch I just got finished with and it does high 10’s. and yes, they are a lot of fun.

quickda6: the only reason I don’t build many DA’s is no one in houston really has a DA that they want to make fast. there’s one Vortech SC’d DA in houston, but that’s about it. I was the only other fast one. Everyone here has G3’s, civic hatches and coupes. Also the cars that I’ve been building lately aren’t really that light. the black hatch (the LS t car) has full interior, and a bunch of extra suspension pieces, which bring it’s weight to almost 2700lbs. The reasons the car’s we build are so fast is because of the power we make. Usually around 300-600hp. And, no I don’t run a shop, I just work for one. I got out of running shops a couple years ago. I’d much rather be in the shop getting dirty. I work for Jason (st00pid on honda-tech and many other boards), at his shop called Autologic. He’s the builder of the famous black hatchback that beat the viper in that infamous video (that car made 520hp and ran a 10.96@156mph). He also built the world’s fastest KA powered 240SX (10.83), and the former world’s fastest street viper (9.54).

Anyways tho, never meant to talk ****. Hit me up on Email, or PM if you ever need anything. We’re dist.'s for hondata, comptech, AEM, and NX. Or if you just need to ask about some pointers or something.