So Hondata is Suing needs some help!

Posting this for a friend…massive amounts of exposure are necessary to help this cause.

Basically Hondata is Suing Dave Blundell of and he needs everyone’s help with this legal battle.

1st, he needs a GOOD Intellectual Property lawyer that is willing to help us out. If they cannot do it Pro Bono (sp?) then we need to help him raise funds to pay the costs but we will win this.

Here is the main topic:

Here is the LONG Read:

Here are some more forums it is posted on:…iew=getnewpost

We need to get this posted all over…please help with donations to PGMFI if you have ever benefitted from PGMFI’s work. And guess what…if you have ever worked on a Honda, you benefitted.

I posted it on and too.

I will be sending money to help in a cpl days
Isn’t hondata kinda stealing Intellectual property from Honda in a way by modding the maps?

Whoa, do they not have enough money? One of the biggest reasons I hate America with a passion is because of the this legal system. As if judges are such easily impressionable fools that a good lawyer can outweigh good reasoning and solid factual fundament.

Money will determine the winner and it seems to me Hondata as a whole may have more of that than an independent webmaster. It sucks… I wish him the best of luck and lawyers.

whats the lawsuit over? Some onw post some type of hybrid downloader for Kpro and within less then a week its taken down. one year and 4 months later hondata is still butt hurt about it ? or am I missing the point ?

They requested it be taken down and he didn’t get around to taking it down, and when he did, the original psoter had alreayd been contacted and took it down himself. Basically this is over the fact that he didn’t remove it off the site in the time Hondata wanted.

H-T deleted those threads and compiled them to this one. the moderators have been deleting and re-wording post. I understand that Hondata’s gotta step in and do something about the K-Pro file but they should go after the creator who posted it, and not the webmaster. They want to take control of but they are going about this the wrong way. There going to lose alot of respect from users. Dave we feel you man, we got your back.

Guys, read the facts in the documents Blundar has posted…make your own determinations.

if you feel so compelled, send Hondata a letter or an email POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY asking “WHY” they saw fit to sue Dave Blundell?

xenocron thats the right idea please if anyone emails hondata be respectful

I can’t help but to follow this story because I have been looking into tuning using a different program like Neptune or possibly Crome, but here’s more:

This is really sad and I hope it works out for Dave in the end. I’ve used Crome and Freelog to tune three different cars for friends and have not spent a penny on the software which worked phenomenally for me (and the car’s owners). Dave, and, have my support and i’ll be donating as well.

Has anyone read that Hondata thread that I posted above lately. Those guys at Hond$t$ are so F**King Stupid. they make no sense at all!!!

i read through that thread, and i gotta say, that i’m ok with what Hondata is doing. people just shouldnt be stealing hondata’s property. i dont know if suing him is the best way to do it…or the right way, but im a little upset from what i’ve been reading.

it seems that everyone feels sorry for this guy Dave just because he runs an online forum…

please explain that.

I don’t feel sorry for anyone. I just hate that dave is the only one getting sued and not the creator of the topic. do you understand what Hondata wants from PGMFI.ORG? invicible moderation of there site… Yeah, I’m pretty sure Neil would let that happen here as well… I guess you never work on your honda then if you never used that site host all your Free tuning aids. even if you took it somwhere to get it tuned with a program that was free, your tuner uses it.

more than just free tuning software, a lot of tuning theory that shops and individuals use has spawned from PGMFI. The forums are great because there is a method of solving problems by finding a general consensus via experimentation by some members and the physical theory put forth by others. Endless amounts of information has swept through the honda community that originated from PGMFI and the brains behind it.

i’ve never looked on that site once. what is it that im missing that i need in order to work on my car?

whoa there, thats a pretty blanket statement. i work on my honda, been through 3 turbo setups, 5 swaps, and this is only the second time hearing of, or visiting said site.

It goes a lot deeper than what I am implying…but:

The reason Hondas have so many parts available, so many manufacturers competing with each other and bring prices down every day is because Honda are so freaking tunable.

Yes Hondata/Zdyne were first…but PGMFI (with Dave at the helm) brought AFFORDABLE tuning to the masses. If Hondata was the only option…this section of our industry wouldnt be this large.

Secondly, a lot of these parts manufacturers have learned a lot making Honda parts, and are now offering parts in many other tuner markets which are expanding at an alarming rate…follow the progression and you will understand exactly what I mean.

Lastly…if PGMFI hadnt developed the tools the way they did at the rate they did, Hondata would have never felt any need to be innovative and continue creating more and better tools. Do you remember years back when there was no Uberdata or Crome how completely piss poor there support and customer service was and how many bugs and lacking features were in their software? They have come a long way as well because they were pushed to succeed by the force that PGMFI created.

So whether you realize it or not, Dave Blundell has touched your life and helped your wallet.

weak. diy-ers make the honda community great, despite the best efforts of greedy folks.